Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unmomentous Return

Wow I haven't blogged in a fair while. And by fair while I mean few months. That's a bit intense. Then again, my laptop hasn't been working until Sunday 4th and I was really busy in the month and a half before it broke.

Now we already know how strained my relationship with my laptop has been this year. I think this [second] new hard drive marks a new beginning for me and my laptop, so that's something to be happy about.

I was supposed to tell you all about my adventures in England, and the Vienna weekend, and how I've been feeling about my exchange lately, and how really hard it is to go from using a German keyboard back to using an English keyboard (cause on the German keyboard, the z and y keys are switched. It's all, "Everzbodz is in the yebra yone." I don't know why there's a zebra zone, but everybody is supposed to be there).

But I'm not going to talk about any of that, I'm going to whine about the fact that yesterday, Monday 5th December, it was 13ºC at 6:30am. That's not something to whine about. In fact, it was pretty awesome. Putting on gloves, scarf and coat then walking outside and thinking "Gee it's really warm today!". Nope, I still have a way to complain about this. And I have 3 things.

The first thing is that 13ºC is warm. It's winter in Austria, so that puts it into perspective, but it's nevertheless upsetting that I was warm in such… cold… conditions. I wear jumpers in 24ºC heat, so I feel the world is bullying me by saying, "Oh look how warm it is!" and knowing full well that I'll get home and be as much of a baby about heat and cold as I was when I left Australia. Gahhh.

Second thing is that it didn't stay that way throughout the day. I dunno, I guess I've just grown up with believing temperature is cold in the morning, goes up during the day and back down in the evening. Not so, apparently! No we went from 13ºC to about 4-5ºC later in the day, and then some ridiculously low number at night.

And lastly, I'm really unimpressed it didn't last. Today is Tuesday and back to being 3ºC in the morning. I don't approve. I think if the weather is going to rebel against the weather government and throw a weather riot trying to achieve a weather coup, the least it could do is actually follow through with it's little revolution. It's an annoyance for the weather government, and the people are just confused.

I hope you people back home are enjoying warmth and sunshine (although rumour has it the weather has been messing around over there. 15ºC at the start of Summer, really?). Can't wait to get me some of that sun-given Vitamin D. The stuff you buy at pharmacies is questionable.

I'll write about more important stuff soon,

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