Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tripod. The band.

I have a new obsession. I go through obsession phases very quickly. Stuff like 2 Minute Noodles, cinnamon toast (actually, I'm still addicted to both)… stuff like the idea of sewing all my own clothes, or learning to draw, or colouring in, or LOTR, or Harry Potter. Scarves, unique clothing, interior decorating and design, furniture design, Prince of Wales tea, the word 'insipid', Jude Law, learning the fox trot or tap dancing, video making, nature documentaries, wraps (the edible ones), the narwhal, steampunk (it comes in waves). Indie clothing, bizarre cooking utensils, retro stuff, white eyeliner, and regular exercise.
The list goes on (I suppose it has already).

But I have a new one! A new something to dominate my thoughts, internet time, and conversations: Tripod (the band).

I don't really know when it started. I think it was a few weeks ago when I realised how much I love their song "It's Okay". It's on their album Fegh Maha. There was this one part of the song where one of the members would just blow my mind with how awesome their voice was. I listened to that song, many many many times over.  I never really knew who all 3 members were though. At first  I could only ever think of Sco(tt/d) and Yon. Then on Spicks and Specks I finally learned the third was Gatesy.

If you've talked to me lately, you'd know very well about how I… fancy him. That's a weird way of putting it. He's like a celebrity crush, only not. Cause, well, it's Gatesy. What part of what wouldn't be a little weird? I then realised that I'd kind of been keen every time I listened to their music anyway, because I youtubed it and learned it's Gatesy who sings my favourite part in "It's Okay"! *fan girl squee*

Wait, it gets better. I've since spent a fair amount of time watching different Tripod videos on the internet. A combination of concerts and SkitHOUSE (they were regularly on it, actually. WIN!). It was hilarious when it was on TV (Mum and Dad didn't really approve so we'd have to sort of sneak watch it). It's sort of then since progressed from a Tripod love to a Tripod obsession. You can't watch their concerts and not appreciate how actually fantastic Scod and Yonnie and Gatesy are. I was going to write a song about how epic the band is, then remembered song writing is not in my repertoire of skills.

Sorry, got distracted there, the part where it gets better was not in that paragraph, it's here. As if you weren't already tripping over how epic they are, get this.
Gatesy played Swaggie in Shape Shape Shape. The ABC show featuring a swagman and his friend Bunyip and shapes.


I always had a crush on Swaggie as a kid, so I feel like it just makes sense that I 'fancy' Gatesy as a teenager.
Aaaahhh how I love the way things like this work out in my life. And for those who are curious about it: yes, this has sparked my desire to work for the ABC (which has since become independent of Tripod and is now an actual thing I want to do some day).

Bucket list: have cool life, skydive, see the northern lights, meet Tripod.

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