Saturday, August 27, 2011

The development of intelligence.

Casually walking home after a good ol' swim at the swimming pool. It was about 33ºC (91.4ºF if you're into that kind of thing).
Strolling up the hill to my house.
Little piece of info about the hill to my house. It's in the middle of nowhere. Ish. I mean, from the spot on the hill that I was at, it was a 10 minute walk to get back into a 5 metre proximity of anywhere that sold anything. Not quite the middle of nowhere, but far enough for going anywhere but home to be a big hassle.
I look really bad when I have gone swimming. My hair does this weird curve thing and looks gross. I was also hot, sweaty and just felt icky.
As I'm going up this hill, pondering if I should put a 3rd layer of sunscreen on my neck for the last 5 minutes of the journey, I see a man walking down the hill.
This wasn't new to me, because a lot of people seem to walk down that hill to get into town. Or away from wherever they were before. The reason is actually irrelevant to the story, so I should stop rambling on about it.

Anyway, this man looks to be in his 40s. I'm not able to tell how old people are. In fact, this one time, I thought a woman was 19 until I found out she was 32. It was a bit of a shock, but I think it's an Austrian thing. Assuming he was in his 40s and carrying on with the description of him, he looked like a bogan. One of the skinny ones with a tooth missing (this guy had a tooth missing). 
I assume this is going to be a "look-up-from-footpath-while-smiling-and-say-hello-as-you-walk-by" sort of deal and started the mental countdown for when it would be appropriate to look up.
Then the stranger did something completely unexpected.

He stopped walking, and turned to me to say something.

Frozen out of confusion and courtesy (you don't just keep on walking in a situation like that), I allowed him to speak whatever was troubling him. I was thinking it would be something like "Can you give me directions to.." because I look like a local who would know that kind of thing.

Instead he says, "This is ridiculous. Today is so warm, isn't it."
I agreed, because 33ºC IS warm. If I thought him stopping to actually say something was unexpected, I was completely unprepared for him then saying, "Do you want anything to drink?"

Clare's thought process: anything to drink - he's offering me something to drink - he wants to sell me something to drink - he's not carrying anything to drink to sell me - OHMYGOSHHE'SACTUALLYINVITINGMEOUTFORADRINK!?!?!?!

And I graciously declined. Then freaked out and doubled my walking pace home.
Thus I now have 3 points.

1. I take too long to tell stories. I really do. I'll blog about that some other time though.

2. A little disappointed that the first person to ask me out for a drink was a possibly-in-his-40s-bogan-looking-man-walking-along-the-footpath.
Instead of super-attractive-intellectual-who-I-accidentally-bumped-into-while-trying-to-take-a-photo-of-something-cool-which-then-prompted-a-short-conversation-resulting-in-comments-on-the-heat-or-cold-(depending on the season)-which-makes-him-decide-he-totally-wants-to-go-get-a-drink-with-me. Oh well. We can't always have what we want.

3. Part of me feels super awesome for being intelligent enough to not go with the random stranger for a drink while in the middle of nowhere. Then again, to not be intelligent enough to do decline would make you really really really stupid. So I shouldn't be feeling too awesome....

And uh... that's the story of the day. I'll hopefully blog about London soon. HUZZAH!

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