Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Hah. Got your attention.

Listen up, cause this is an important one. And don't you give me that apathetic sigh. Read it.

Bowling is an epic fun sport. I suck at it to the point where it's depressing. I'm pretty sure I got a strike once. It was a long time ago and I don't really remember it at all, I'm just hoping I did at some point. Regardless of my inability to play the sport, I still play. Cause it's awesome.

Boobs are lumps of tissue and some other bodily stuffs. I think you're well informed enough that I don't really need to go on. But stay focused. Read this post. Focus.

Cancer is a disease where cells grow out of control, and it's dangerous when they're mutated cells of doom that can also kill other cells. If it were a sci-fi movie, humanity would have commenced cloning as a normal thing, so that when you're about to die, you get cloned and you live on in the world in harmony. Then there are issues, where someone would be about to die, but not die, and then they'd have a clone of themselves who also had to live out their life. Of course, being a sci-fi movie, something went wrong and all of a sudden people's clones started getting super human powers of doom, and began cloning themselves and killing off decent humanity. Eventually people work out a way to fight back against the clones with chemotherapistols and that kind of thing. The movie is still going because they haven't got a set cure yet.
When cancer begins in the breast, we call it breast cancer (they probably debated over that or Lucinda, but decided Lucinda is a nice name and not one for something which is not nice. So they settled for breast cancer).

Thus I introduce you to Busted and Bowling for Boobies. (This is the moment where you watch the video below)

Did you hear that? "We give it directly to the women, who have been battling breast cancer, so they can pay their bills."

I'm not gonna lie. I actually teared up in this video. But you guys know I cry easily. Probably a combination of that extra emotional message and empowering music. Play it again and keep reading this so you stay motivated.

Doooooonations! I can understand that a lot of you can't donate due to not having internet transferable money or struggling perhaps with financial difficulties of your own. For those of you that CAN, I pose to you $10. And don't act like that's a lot. For you, $10 wont even buy you
- 2 large pizzas (and if you can, I want one of those pizza places in my town!)
- A big box of Cadbury Favourites (unless they're on super special)
- A new DVD (as in, a NEW one... and a good one)
- A good new book
- Lunch out for two days

However for these people it could really help pay bills and make a long-term difference. Cause let's face it, those two large pizzas aren't even physically gratifying. You just feel icky for downing that much fat.
So if you CAN donate, click HERE or go to

And don't worry. You'll be hearing more from me on this subject very soon.


  1. Actually, I bought Phantom of the Opera brand new on DVD for $7.99 at Aldi. :)

  2. Aha, but see, you didn't buy it new upon release. It's been out since '04.