Saturday, July 30, 2011

I guess I should say stuff now.

Phew! Close call! Nearly had a month of the year without a blog in it!
Last time I said words, they were about Eurotour.
Well the time has come to speak once more! HUZZAH!

A comprehensible yet substantially beyond the normal expectations of what is entailed in the excuse "a lot" amount of a lot has happened since. As I said, more than your average "a lot".

However most of it is not for me to discuss on this blog, so you're just going to have to use your imagination. (Possibly limit your imagination if you're particularly good at thinking of improbable or desperate scenarios).

Since Eurotour, I have:
- spent a sport week in Croatia and done very little sport indeed.
- seen a marmot.
- skulled about 100ml of fizzy grape juice.
- exercised.
- washed my hair in a lake.
- walked on a glacier.
- eaten 4 spring rolls.
- learned two new songs on ukulele.
- farewelled my host sister (who is currently on a plane to Australia for her exchange)
- eaten my feelings and gained 2-3 kilos in that month of feeling-eating (hence aforementioned exercise).
- stepped on a slug. Barefoot.
- gave someone German directions to an ATM.
- seen the final Harry Potter movie in German.
- skyped many people.

and I also felt sick.

I think you're just about up to date then.
Clare xoxo

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