Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Talk about overdue. This was way back in our last week of holidays, which was a long time ago. I'm talking as in, this was in April. Easter, my friends. Easter.
I told Claudia I'd blog about it, and true to my word, here is the blog.

Uuuuuuuuunfortunately it's so overdue that I have forgotten many of the events that took place. Fail, Clare. Fail. (Liking the repetition of that 'Word, noun. Word.' pattern...)

Anywhoodles, back in Easter, Claudia invited me to the Edelsbach Tulpenfest. (Tulip fest. Not like Floriade. Much much much much smaller). Little piece of German for you, "Tulpe" means "tulip" and of course "tulips" is "Tulpen". Look at you, learning German. Good work, you. Good work.

For a tiny town, Edelsbach really got into the spirit of Tulpenfest. You know, lots of tulips. It was actually fairly cold, which was somewhat uncomfortable. I was shivering the whole day. Regardless it was nice. They had even spelled "Wilkommen" with tulips on your way in to Edelsbach. I took a photo.

Being Easter, there was a short morning service thingy outside. There was a band, and some kids looking like they stepped off the cover of our "Kings College Christmas" CD. I enjoyed it muchly. Especially all the people wearing the trad clothing. Dirndls and Lederhosen are win. Especially Lederhosen...

Claudia's sister was also in this mini competition to become Tulpen Königin (Tulip Queen). There were, I think, 6 contestants. First round they decided on 3 to proceed. Of those 3, one was to be the Queen and the other two to be princesses. From what I understand, there was a fair bit of not being fair, and the judges sent a girl through that they didn't ACTUALLY want to send through, but were expected to (the whole "Her daddy owns this important shop so we'll send her through" dealio). This meant that Claudia's sister didn't progress to the next round as she should have. Fortunately, her best friend became Queen. Thus it was sad, but not tooooo sad. Everyone was super happy at the girl who won; winning.

And uh, not to make you guys crazy jealous or anything, but we also saw this guy making Palatschinken (pancakey crépey things) old-school style. Over a fire, in a massive frypan. The fire was warm, so I liked that too.

Most of the day was just chilling, waiting and wandering. We ate every now and again, which was an enjoyable addition to the day's activities.

I spent the night at Claudia's (WOO for sleepovers!). Her cats were... uh... very comfortable I hope. Mostly because they positioned themselves conveniently on my bed in all the places I was wanting to position myself. We reached a compromise at around 2 in the morning, although I feel they got more of what they wanted than I got of what I wanted. Assertive cats indeed.

So I guess that was Tulpenfest. Pretty sure I'm going to be the Tulip Queen someday. Just cause I want to be.


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