Wednesday, June 15, 2011


From 25th May until 11th June, I did not reside in my usual residence in Austria.

In fact, I don't think I was in Austria at all. Well, no, I wasn't in Austria from the 26th May to the 10th June, but it counts.

Why so? Well if you had intelligence equal to that of an 8 year old, you would have been able to read the title of this and guess that I was on Eurotour, and that this post is about my Eurotour.

I've actually been forewarned that blogging about Eurotour is impossible, so I shouldn't really bother. I myself for most of Eurotour was thinking, "Eurotour is like dying. You don't know what it's like until you do it. Only better, cause you live." and was therefore not going to write this blog.

However, it'll drive me crazy if I don't. I can at least give you dot points of highlights of the different places I went. So you know where I've been and can writhe with envy.

Writhe is a very good word.

Here goes! 
Czech Republic
Prague: The most magical food in the world, Trdelník. (Yes, that is a word.)

Dresden: Group hug with a class of kiddos on excursion.
Hannover: Taking really ridiculous photos with Tegan.

The Netherlands
Amsterdam: Observing the pretty canals.
Rotterdam: The awesome cube hotels in which we stayed.

Bruge: Picasso exhibition. That bird of peace is cool-as.

Paris: BAHAHAHAHAHA who could choose? I'm going to go ahead and outdo myself on originality and say the Eiffel Tower by night.
Toulouse: A nice long chat with my adopted oldie, Hope.
Éze: Medieval... towery place. And finding Cadbury. Then buying that Cadbury.

Its towns/cities don't count: Seeing stun guns for sale in almost every electronic shop for about 25€.

Barcelona: The fountain. Font Magica. I could cry.
Montserrat: Epic chant music being played in the souvenir shop.

It's towns/cities don't REALLY count. Monaco...ville?: EVERYTHING.

Lavagna: Sleeping. Taking bomb-diggity pretty-as photos at night. Losing my lens cap was not a positive.
Cinque Terre: Eating my first real Italian spaghetti bolognese in Italy, in an alcove overlooking the sea. And NOT going for the promised 6 hour hike.
Pisa: Remembering the joy of having a disposable camera. Giggling at lines of people taking photos of them 'holding up the tower'
Lucca: The round square and Puccini shop.
Florence: Feeling ridiculous walking down the street barefoot (my mother would NOT approve). Seeing the super amazing statues in the square. Also liked buying myself two new lens caps and a new lens protector.
Jesolo: Not getting wasted. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea at night.
Venice: Actually getting to go Venice. Venetian masks.

Then we went to Innsbruck and got to see the Swarovski Crystal museum. Win for Austria.

Yeah a lot more happened, but if you want to know you're going to have to ask yourself. I've written enough.


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