Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So about 20 people just flashed me?

Wow... That was... well... AWESOME.

I hope you're not thinking of the kind of flashing I think you think I'm talking about. Cause if you're thinking what I think you think I'm talking about, then you're wrong. I was flash(mobb)ed. Yeah... flash mobbed. I didn't see any part of anyone naked. Why would I ev- ... no actually, I probably would blog about that. And you would be twice as interested as you are now. Heh.

So it wasn't QUITE being flash-mobbed, as I did actually know it was going to happen beforehand. That's why I was there in the first place. See my host sister was a part of it, so we went to go watch (host parentals and sister's boyfriend).

Instead of explaining it all, you can just watch the video HERE.
I was pretty impressed, and have decided if I ever do a flash mob dance, I'm going to have security guards come break it up, and then break dance or something equally cool. That way everyone would be like "Ah man, it's over. What a way to kill the fu- OH MY GOSH! THEY'RE PART OF IT TOO! SO GENIUS!"

And I'd be a legend.


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