Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mole and learning, but mostly mole.

So today I saw my very first mole. It was the size of my hand and it was on its back; dead. I'm going to be honest, for a first experience of a mole, it was pretty miserable. And the sucky thing on it's mouth looked fake. I think it had dried out. And I got to wondering about this mole. What was its name? What was its home like? Was it just your average mole, or was it a very amazing mole that - had it been raised by people from birth - could have been trained to build amazing dirt-castles? It would be the pride and glory of Austria (well, any country with a mole like that would see it so). But I feel it was deprived of this life. Or perhaps it was the other way around. Perhaps the mole WAS in captivity being trained to be a world-famous dirt-castle making mole, but it had rebelled against this fate that had been decided for it. It had left the clutches of the humanity so determined to make it what they wanted, and had died in its desperate search for freedom. Whatever its life story was, I'll never know it, cause it was lying on the pathway dead. I held a moment of silence in my head for it, and named it Scrooge.

In other news, I have finally decided my schooling stuffs. You'll be pleased (I hope) to know that I will actually be returning to school when I go back to Australia. HUZZAH! The intention at the moment is to proceed with distance education to catch me up so I don't have to go into year 11 (I'm repeating year 10 in Austria you see). Subject choices; German, English (advanced and extension 1), Advanced maths (under the strong advice of a billion people, and being bribed with a cello by my parents), Chemistry, Modern History, and Japanese.
I. Am. Stoked.
I mean, sure it's going to be a lot of hard work, but I'm willing to do it if I get to not repeat year 11 and simply finish school next year. That's basically my goal. Not have more school in 2013. (If the world ends in 2012 I'll at least have accomplished something substantial - not that exchange isn't).

Last thing I wanted to say, is that I get to go see Hamlet on Friday. HUZZAH! I'm looking forward to it. I saw it for the first time last year with my older bro and a friend of ours. I loved it so I'm looking forward to this portrayal of it. Last year we saw one with a pretty modern take on it. I'll let you know how the one on Friday goes.


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