Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Before you buy me a drink

Dear everyone, ever.

I'm going to be really obvious with this one, as I feel it is necessary.

I love orange juice. It's a known fact. It's my favourite juice and my favourite drink.
Orange juice. Juice from oranges.
So if you want to buy me a drink, I suggest you make it orange juice. Because I love it, and it is my favourite drink.

A lot of people are clever and buy me orange juice, for they know that it is my favourite drink and that I love it. These people, I love and adore. I feel it shows they truly know me, because they know exactly what I want and love. Which is orange juice.

Then people do this:
Person: Hey, I got you some juice!
Clare: WOO! Is it orange juice!?
Person: Even better, it's fancy orange and mango juice!

I don't get it. I do not understand why people do this. Some people feel like they've excelled themselves in buying orange and MANGO! It's orange juice... with mango juice! Which is obviously more exciting!!!!!!


It's not. I live in a first world country. I do not have any allergies (well... hay-fever... but that aside). I do not live in a part of Australia where there is no access to orange and mango juice. I have been to social gatherings where orange and mango juice has been served.

I have had orange and mango juice before. It's not new to me. Is orange and mango juice my favourite type of juice? No. It's orange juice. I know what orange and mango juice is, and it's not my favourite. So I don't get why people keep buying me orange and mango juice instead of just orange juice.

I'm not impressed at all. In fact, I'm slightly unimpressed.

More ingredients does not equal better taste. Favourite does not equal 'yeah-I-like-it-more-than-apple-juice-but-it's-not-the-BEST. All that happens is that I have the awkward moment of trying to explain that I actually like orange and mango juice less than orange juice. And the gap between the two is not small.

So for the future, dear everyone ever,

Orange juice - and JUST orange juice - is my favourite.

Rant. Over.
Clare xoxo

p.s. If you ever bought me orange and *insert other stuff* juice with the best intentions of wowing me, I'm not angry. I appreciate the love and care and thought you put into it, doing your best to super amaze me. I'm just saying all this for future reference, so nobody has to suffer the awkwardness of, "WOO! Look! It's even better! Orange and MANGO! You like it, don't you?" to have me say, "Yeah... it's okay I guess... I really prefer orange juice though.".

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