Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baking for really bad-at-baking people

You know what upsets me? French desserts.
I don't know why but the French have this magical formula where they make it impossible for me to follow their recipes and get the right result.
And believe me, I follow the recipes.

There's really no reason for me to not get baking right. If you do everything exactly as the recipe tells you, it's kind of expected the recipe gives you some sort of reward for obedience. Like the food it says you're making.

Apparently this is not so in my case. Macarons, Tuiles... I've tried them all (actually I've only tried Macarons and Tuiles, but all have been failures). The thing that gets to me is that 'basic' recipes just aren't basic enough. They say 'mix' but not how much, or at what speed, or for how long. They don't explain the physical changes my concoction is expected to undergo during this, and they don't tell me at what point I should stop. Like "mix" is perfectly adequate for me and I really should be able to know exactly what they mean.

Well I'm sick of ambiguity! I'm sick of 'mix' being the best they give me! I'm sick of my food not turning out like the photos of the stuff the online food bloggers make! I WILL HAVE GOOD AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND BAKED FOOD!

Thus I have decided to start a food blog. A blog of recipes where everything is so detailed you can't possibly get it wrong. Or at least, I can't, and that's what really matters to me here. A fblog. I know some people who aren't so good with cooking and I'm not sure whether this is because they don't try or whether it's because they have the same sort of struggles as me. Either way, I hope that some day, someone will be able to find my super amazing detailed guide to getting stuff right with cooking and that they, too, can be pro chefs.

I probably wont start this until I'm back in Australia, and I'll probably take 5 billion tries to get even just one recipe understandable and stuff. But I will do it. For it is necessary.
I'm sure there are food blogs out there that do this, but who knows? Maybe it will be mine that is discovered by people who need it. HUZZAH!

Well back to these Tuiles. They can't make themselves, I've learned. And apparently neither can I.


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