Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Blind Date Ever.

Yes. Tuesday I went on a blind date.
Calm down. It's not what you think.
Or maybe it is.

I'm living in a corner of the world where there are not many Australian girls. there aren't many foreign girls here at all. That I know of. Fortunately, I recently met one online. Her name was Katherine. Her profile made her sound so wonderful. I had to meet her. I was bold and we organised to meet up in Graz.

The train decided to be not working. Don't tell me 'Public transport doesn't hate you, you're just late a lot of the time'. Because it does. It really does. I was awesome enough to be able to help a woman who was asking me questions in German about what bus was going to Graz. YEW! Unimportant.

Anywhoodles, the bus drove me to Graz (as I had predicted it would), and there I had to work out how to get myself a tram ticket. Luckily for me, old ladies are awesome. I asked her where I could buy one and she gave me one, saying it was still valid and she had finished with it. *tears in eyes* Thankyou, mysterious lady, thankyou. You just saved a fail exchange student close to 4,00€. I spent it on orange juice and thought of you.

My 'date' confused me when it came to when and where we were meeting, and I kind of thought we were meeting at around 1pm. Well I was in Graz at around 11am, so I had time to kill. I wandered around looking at shops (not in, just at). I was considering entering a jewellery shop when I heard this "HEY!" and turned. There she was, in all her Australian glory. YEW! So we hugged as random Australians do, and wandered off to just enjoy the place. We talked of many things, and went many places - none of which we really recognised. We had a lot of fun though (well... I did...).

I dunno why, but sometimes Austria likes to be awesome for the sake of it. At this square in Graz, there was a nice balloon forest being built. Yeah they just decided "Hey. Let's blow up a billion balloons, and stick them here."
I'm sure there was a less exciting reason such as advertising, but I'm going to let my good instinct win this one. Because of this awesomeness, we each got a balloon. WIN!

Now this is my favourite part of the whole story. Dead set, I think of the day and I think of: Katherine, balloons, and this moment.

There is a piano shop at the main square place thing, but on the first floor. We wandered up these steps to look, cause I'm a piano freak-child and love looking at them. We walked in and were whispering as it always feels appropriate to do so when surrounded by large and expensive pianos. I sat down at one of the average pianos and played something hesitantly (for fear of not being supposed to play if you weren't thinking of buying). The next room was AMAZING. It had these two epic pianos which were grands of some sort. I was in love. I was so not man enough to play them.

Then the shop keeper man came out from one of the other rooms. With a face that was as serious as the plague (and a voice to match), he asked, "Can I have your bag please?". Of course I obliged. I dunno... maybe he thought I was going to steal a brochure or something. There wasn't much else in the shop that could fit in my bag. Then, "Can I have your camera too, please?".

Handed it over.

He put them down next to a vertical piano I'd been looking at.

Then his face broke into a massive smile and he raised his hands and said "Now you have both arms free to play! So PLAY! Fill the room with music!", and as I went to sit at the vertical piano he said, "Don't play that one, play this one!" and sat me down at one of the Grands in the middle.

I'm going to break from the story and say that for me, piano is just awesome. I'm not very good, but I enjoy the way I can flex my fingers and music appears. This was a magical piano I'm pretty sure. I could have cried I was so happy to play it.

My intention is to own one when I get older. Not necessarily THAT one. I don't know where I'd get 80,000 €. But I certainly would like a nice grand piano.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's basically the end of the story. I had a fantastic time and can't stop thinking about the piano. I'm going back there again sometime (many times) just to play it. Definitely.


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