Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bloggery sharingness

So this is, truth be told, my 'entry' to a competition being run by this epic lolita girl. Basically we're supposed to follow her, link to her blog, and comment that we have done so.
I'm not really good at the marketing thing, though. I've seen other people's entries and a lot of them are skilled at the "You should go here, this is what's happening etc."
I feel like I've adequately explained the rules of the competition, so I have that part down.

Secondly, the competition is to win a handmade lolita dress. It's black and red. What part of me wouldn't want it?

The link is HERE. It's also here and here. I'll post it throughout so you can keep finding it. The raw and stretched out version of it is http://jajaneko.blogspot.com/2011/04/upcoming-graduation-give-away-felicity.html << here. Obviously, just writing 'here' is easier on your eyes.

Because I'm useless at marketing, I'm going to just compile a short list of thoughts related to this competition, as lists seem to be my strong point.

1. I want this dress quite muchly, and am hoping that if the winner is determined on something other than good marketing skills, that I'm the one who is best at the stuff other than marketing.
2. Blog competitions are a good idea. I think I did that once, and Ryan won some chocolate. I've added it to my mental list to do more competitions, only with better prizes.
3. If I were a dress, I'd probably be a black one, so that people like me would feel happy wearing a dress like me.
4. Her facebook page is located here. Please don't stalk her in a creepy way. Could impact my chances negatively.
5. This text is bold for no reason. Wearing lolita is bold because some people are stupid.
6. Were you to want to purchase stuff from her, you'd have to go [through narnia]. Because that's not easy for most of you, I have made the text 'through narnia' a link to her online shop instead. I have also put it in brackets to add mystery.
7. I would wear this dress to a tea party. And in Melbourne. Definitely in Melbourne.
8. You may not know this, but 8 is my favourite number. In much the same way that black (in a world which is not 'politically correct') is my favourite colour. Incidentally, the colour of the 8 ball in pool is also black. The waist width is 26-28cm. I like the 8 part of that.
9. I made a ninth point cause I felt like it. To keep it relevant to the dress, you can view the competition page and details and stuff here.