Wednesday, April 6, 2011


You're probably not so excited about this as I am, but this is my 100th blog post!!!
HUZZAH!!!! *win dance*

I actually think you're probably not excited about this at all. But, I'm crazy stoked.
I was thinking about what I could do in commemoration of this. I mean, you don't reach your 100th blog post every day.
Some ideas I had:
- 100 favourite... *photos/people/quotes/words/movies/items/stuff*
- 100 facts/hates/reasons for something or other
- 100 thoughts
- 100 other stuff.

But then I realised that as cliché as it is, looking back over 100 blog posts has put me in a reminiscent mood, and thus I shall post 100 memories.
Before commencing, I want to prefix this with saying they're just memories. Not my top 100 fondest (although I am fond of some of them). I've changed from how I've been in some of them. I can't remember stuff chronologically. My memory is lacking. I've also forgotten the other prefix I wanted to add, so I guess I'll commence now!

100. Making a caterpillar out of pipe cleaners and fluffy balls in kindergarten

99. Vanessa or Veronica from preschool, running away from me when I asked if I could join in the game. I'm still suffering the emotional consequences of that rejection

98. Meeting my best friend for the first time 11 years ago (it may be 12 now...)

97. The Beatrix Potter T.V. show where they animated all her books, and wishing I was wherever she was

96. Going camping with another family once. It was rainy and mostly miserable. There was a beach nearish and we walked through the bush/rainforest to get there, but were only allowed in up to our knees in case we fell over and were taken off in a rip. It was too cold to go in the water anyway. Phil (the man of the other family) showed us a berry that we were able to eat, but it was sour. I fell off my chair at the campfire and started to cry. He picked me up and was comforting me, and I remember the shock when I realised he wasn't my father.

95. The first time I ate chicken 2 minute noodles with milk. I still like eating them that way.

94. Getting the yellow cup with the child-safe lid so I could drink tea with my parents.

93. Going to my friend Amy's house and watching a video of a side-story of The Little Mermaid. Stormy the seahorse or something.

92. Emma G and I thinking we were clever when we came up with the little 'skit' of our teacher's boyfriend proposing to her. Year 1.

91. That alien play thing we had to do that had something to do with the planets. Emma did Mars and had a hot water bottle. I was a girl who was asleep. I don't really remember why.

90. Going to the dinosaur museum in Canberra and buying a triceratops ruler. Going to the National Zoo and Aquarium and sleeping on the way up.

89. The Fun Factory. Zeb throwing those plastic balls from the ball pit at me. 

88. Colouring in a picture of a bell at Christmas time in year 3, after being taught the "A star, a star, shining in the night" song, and Kirralee teaching me how she stays in the lines when colouring in with textas (I've used the method ever since).

87. Going to Nick's house and his mum giving me a freddo frog out of their lolly bucket, and being determined to start my own when I got home. Walking through one of their paddocks, admiring the purple flowers that were growing everywhere.

86. Going to Emma G's house for a sleepover and getting homesick at 10pm and having to be picked up. The same thing happening when I went to Jess G's house for the first time.

85. Orange juice at Nana and Pop's house, freshly squeezed from the oranges in their yard. Zeb killing a mini cane toad with his rubber band gun, and us getting excited and chasing the green tree frogs. And my first memorable visit to Nimban. 

84. Going to Kangaroo Valley and being mortified at my cousin Harry being bitten by a bull ant. I had nightmares of ants biting me, and I'd never heard him swear before. We also found a massive millipede of scary doom, and went fishing in a random pondy damn thing. I don't think anything lived in it.

83. Camping with the church at Tathra.

82. The rod of correction. Let's not revisit that. Ever.

81. Zeb chasing me with a chair for no good reason other than to have me scream and cry and run away. Zeb chasing me without a chair, because he didn't need to have a chair for me to be screaming and crying and running.

80. Being in the paddock after returning from the tennis courts, and the foal going CRAZY, being pretty sure we were going to die.

79. Snooker, the coolest lost dog ever, and being VERY unimpressed when we learned it's name was Patch. Who calls a dog Patch? Such a disappointing name.

78. Arriving at night to Sydney and having Jannie's (= Janet = my Grandmother) spaghetti bolognese, loving the parmesan cheese especially.

77. Having the students from older classes read stories to us when I was in year 1, and being disgusted at the amount of leg hair one of the guys had.

76.  The Ronny Johnson.

PHEW! 1/4 the way through. Good start! Keep going!

75. Growing Kids God's Way in Brisbane with some family friends. There was a goanna, an insane pool, a random ride called the Slingshot, and my friend Amy met a girl called Amy. They became friends and I felt a little left out because my name wasn't Amy, and that became a very strong bond for them.

74. Melting in the car after school and having Hannah beg mum to take us to the pool, then getting home and not really wanting to go anymore.

73. Zeb punching my tooth out. 

72. Watching the Black Cauldron (a Disney movie so often unheard of or ignored) and learning that I really wasn't ready to handle some themes. There was a skeleton guy who was really evil and I was scared.

71. Meeting Christel for the first time at the river. I thought she had a twin, and that's sort of how we started talking. Quickly became dear friends. 

70. When I was first taught the 'f' word. I was in wonder at this unheard word having so much evil power. I was afraid of how terrible and doomy it is.

69. Hanging out at Tim's house while they were playing Bugdom, and the amazement at whoever was playing, somehow winning via violently slamming hands upon the keyboard. It was a defining moment.

68. Playing minigolf in Merimbula and having a killer headache. My dad quite frustratingly said it would probably pass and to deal with it for a while. He looked at my head (it hurt particularly in one place) and discovered I had a tick, viciously burying it's way into me. He pulled it out and I'm still very irked and uncomfortable at the thought of them.

67. My triceratops nightmare. I'll draw a picture of it for you cause I really can't explain it simply.

66. Losing $10 to Zeb after he bet me I couldn't beat the level of Pegleg. I had 5 lives and still somehow lost. I really do need to pay him back... although mum said we weren't allowed to bet and that I didn't have to...

65. Walking out of the 2-3 classroom dressed in the white dress I was to wear for Taisy's Christmas (a play I was the star of in I think year 2) and being totally chuffed at Zeb's and his friends saying I was cute.

64. Flying in Dad's plane, especially once with Emma and he let us freefall for a while and she hit her head on the roof.

63. Dad reading The Hobbit and the Chronicles of Narnia to us in front of the fire with some good ol' cadbury and tea.

62. Camping at the Grampians and Dad building up the fire so it was mega while we were playing 44 home, so Zeb could make it home (the light being so bright that Noah couldn't see him), and Zeb eventually getting back, thinking the fire would have done the opposite.

61. Being in Toyworld looking for a present for one of Zeb's friends with Zeb and mum, and accidentally grabbing Mrs.Smyth's leg instead of Mum's, and the mortification at having done so.

60. Having the renovations on our house and staying at the Bowman's house, playing a lot of LOTR3 on xbox.

59. Also staying at the Lister's house during the renovations time and pretty much loving the genius of cup-and-ball.

58. Performing 'They're Changing Guards at Buckinham Palace' for the Spring Concert, and wearing the old ice cream buckets as helmets.

57. The first time I won a prize in the Cooma Show. It was for ANZAC biscuits. Booyeah.

56. The first time I wore my hair to school in a ponytail instead of two pigtails, and thinking it made me look like a whole new person. Alex talked to me and I tried to pretend I was a different girl and that I didn't know who 'Clare' was. He saw through it.

55. Picking up stupid rocks for hours of my stupid afternoon so my /silly/ parents could grow their stupid trees. RAWR.

54. My birthday party in Merimbula, and Zeb talking to the bed.

53. Seeing the penguins on Phillip Island.

52. Painting the Jesse tree, and feeling like a genius for coming up with the magical upstrokes for the paintbrush to make the grass.

51. Dad giving me two dresses - beautiful dresses - when I was young, which I wore to the ballet (Romeo and Juliet, and Swan Lake).

I'm impressed, really I am. Half down, half to go. You can do it!

50. The first time I went to Cabramurra with Emma and her family, and how it was pretty much the best snow weekend ever.

49. Science in year 5, having to take an encyclopaedia and write down all this exciting information about tungsten, when I wanted to have platinum.

48. The first time Harrison walked into the classroom and I thought he was a girl, and was very confused for a while.

47. Picking blackberries at Alex's house and having Maryanne get the really good ones for us.

46. Eating AMAZING chewy choc chip cookies with Chris and Jess at their house.

45. Being mooned by Sully in year 6 when he said "You can kiss my a***" to someone on my soccer team, who then said "Fine!" and so Sully proceeded to make this easier for him.

44. Not hanging out with Emma one saturday because I was the third person to ask her and she already had plans with Marlene.

43. The awkward time when Eliza and I both liked Jared, and Jared liked Paige, who really didn't like Jared in that way.

42. At Eliza's birthday party, bawling my eyes out after watching A Walk to Remember for 10 minutes after the end, then the next week realising I thought it was a stupid movie.

41. St.Moritz skiing at Thredbo, mostly hating it, and the "encouragement" from my Dad, which I saw as cruel manipulation to get me to go every week.

40. Being told my pet rabbit Mopsy had died while we were on holiday.

39. Julia and Rodney's wedding, and how stoked I was to finally be going to a ball.

38. The insane surprise at being Junior Girl Swimming champion.

37. Finding a $2 coin in New Zealand at the Cadrona ski fields and at first being a little disappointed in it only being a dollar, and then realising it was actually $2 and being quite pleased.

36. Ah. We have found you. (insiders thing).

35. Being in Tamworth with my family while my Nana was in hospital, and waking up every day wondering whether it would be a bad day.

34. The day Cohen was no longer the... person... I thought she was, and we actually became friends.

33. The first time my parents revealed to us that we'd actually be hosting a student in our house.

32. Watching Howl's Moving Castle at Christmas time, and pretty much falling in love with it.

31. Baking bread with mum, and having to put it on a stepladder in the bathroom up near the light where it would be warm enough to make it rise.

30. First time I met my other best friend. She was quite loud.

29. Blasting "I Need a Hero" (FrouFrou version) at Happi's house and dancing like.. um.. well I don't suppose it's really counted as dancing.

28. The first time I saw Neemie without her hijab on, and how darn cute she was.

27. Dakota crying in class because Tim called her out on being 'racist'.

26. Bawling at school because tennis had been cancelled that afternoon, my Nana had died the week before, and everything just sucked.

OH WOW! Look at you guys! Last stretch now, you're almost there. So close! Let's finish this thing.

25. Picking apples off the apple tree on my way home from school with Ellen and Happi, preparing for debating.

24. The day we got fish in the classroom.

23. The time there was a snake in the school, and half of us were like 'cool! Wanna see it!' and the other half were hysterical.

22. When I finally cut my waist-length hair and got a bob instead, and how old it apparently made me look.

21. Having a 'tennis day' in April '09, and Chris with coconut milk.

20. Teaching Emma to play spit, and every single time she'd rip me at it.

19. Happi and I having a fight of gargantuan epicness. And crying at the thought of us actually not being friends.

18. Sitting at my desk one night reading over some school stuff and getting a call from Ned telling me I had a part in the play.

17. The moment I decided to go to the Solomon Islands, and the huge emotional complications around it.

16. Seeing Jay Laga'aia at the ABC centre in Sydney, and feeling famous.

15. Walking down a street to a park in Melbourne with Happi, and feeling inexplicably wonderful.

14. The initial awkwardness of my sister's friend's mum becoming my new science teacher.

13. Mr.Nightingale standing on a desk and telling us "I'm not having a Robin Williams moment, I'm actually here for a purpose" and then throwing a whiteboard marker.

12. Starting this blog instead of posting on myspace. *Ew. Myspace.*

11. The first time I bought skinny jeans, and what a step for my self-confidence it was.

10. The cutting down of the MASSIVE pine tree outside our house.

9. Sleepover at Cohen's house with Kelsey, and definitely not getting enough sleep.

8. Movie night party thing at Miranda's house, watching some sort of vampire movie.

7. Chilling at Zak's house after hanging out in town.

6. Riding to the river for the first time, and realising how much I talk to myself in my head, and how I think about some really random stuff.

5. Being given Eli for my birthday, and the super joy of wonderousness at how beautiful he was. (My Canon EOS 450D, by the way)

4. 2008, Crying at the dinner table because I didn't want to go on exchange (not that I was going to anyway) because I didn't want to finish school the year after my friends. Funny to think of that, considering where I am right now.

3. Getting the call to say I was going to Austria.

2. Feeling super sad at saying goodbye to my German teachers in Australia before coming on exchange.

1. Hugging Zeb before getting in the car and leaving home for a year.

I'm not even going to say anymore, cause you're all probably exhausted. You did good ;)

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