Thursday, March 31, 2011


Been a while, eh. I have a few things to talk about, none of which you're likely to find particularly interesting (then again, do you ever?).

Last week I went skiing. At ski camp. With most of the other exchange students in Austria at the moment, and a few from Croatia too. We went to a place called Schladming, and WOOOOOOOOO is it nice there. I'm a fan.

The past few weeks had been quite warm (where I live at least) and despite it being FREEZING and snowing the day we arrived, the week continued this pattern. Sunny and warm. One morning we were getting on the Gondola and I said to someone "It will probably be 12ºC at the peak; it's so hot." and felt pretty psychic when I found it was 12ºC at the peak.

To summarise meeting the exchange students, it was loud. Really, really loud. I was lucky enough to have my host parents drive me (and Pierce) directly to the hotel instead of catching the train and a bus. Because of this, I arrived at the hotel before most of the other students. Everyone else came in two buses. Loud buses. The hotel went from "Lalalalala" to red noise. I would say white noise, but it wasn't just stuff in the background, it was insane asploding-in-your-ears noise. Thus it broke your ears (I'm 32% sure that's possible) and was evil disturb-my-peace noise. Hence the red.
Met some people, said hey to some people, and waited a ridiculously long time to get a room. No really, I was there before pretty much everyone and I got my room second last. I guess I'm a pushover and kept letting people go in front of me.

My roomie this time was not Ashleigh.. o:
It was Tegan c:

And she made one heck of a roomie. Fortunately we got along really really well so it was a pleasant experience for the both of us. I think. I hope. *whimper*.

Every day we would wake up at 6:50 to get up and ready for breakfast at 7:15. Had to walk to the bus stop (with all our ski gear) and be at the stop by 8:30 to be taken to the mountain, where we would ski and ski and ski (and board, for those who are into that kind of thing). In lessons in the morning. We'd go back for lunch and then if we wanted we were able to return to the mountain to go free skiing. Unfortunately for the first few days (to my knowledge) there was no bus, so it was a 20 minute walk - with gear - to the mountain. A lot of effort that a lot of people didn't have the energy to make.

On the... 3rd or 4th day I think, everyone in the upper groups (or everyone who wasn't a total beginner) had lunch at one of those mountain kiosk places. I enjoyed this development quite a bit, and appreciated being able to then ski without taking forever to ski again. I was also pretty big on not having soup every day as that pre-meal thing. It's just so watery and it's like you're consuming just oil and chicken stock. Not much fun day in day out.

Continued this way for a while, quite happily carving up the slush caused by the burny sun.

Then we went sledding.

Oh. Ho. Ho.

I was going to explain in awesome detail my experience of sledding, but I really couldn't be bothered now. I'll do it some other day, some other time. I've explained it in detail to a few people via letter, and it's a lot of effort to repeat doing so right now. I'll at least wait until they've received and read it, then I can share it with you. I mean, how much fun is getting a letter if you already know everything that's written in it?

So that's actually the end of that topic. Next post is a special one, and I wonder if you can work out why. Probs can't. Nobody would be that bored.


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