Saturday, March 5, 2011

The occasional query.

After an exhausting week of school, I have blogging time. Yay.
I feel that I should go into more detail about the exciting events of language camp, but it's too much effort, and you probably weren't there.

I did mention the train in Feldbach, and how it was grr at me. One thing I forgot to talk about was a few moments I had on the platform.
See I was one, perhaps two minutes early for it (before I discovered it was going to be late) and so I was waiting out on the platform. Alone. It was just me. It was cold. Really cold. I took my hands out of my pockets for a few moments and they started tingling. They have lamps on the platform. It was like sitting on a chair under a streetlight. It was of course night, and it was still. There was perhaps the occasional car that drove past. I breathed out and the small cloud of misty wonder floated away. It didn't disappear for almost half a metre. And sitting, illuminated by the cold orange light while waiting in the crisp night air, alone, everything just felt perfect.

I just wanted to share that. Maybe you've had a similar experience.

What I actually wanted to list was a few questions I've had since arriving here, and some of the answers to them (not all of them have answers, of course):

Q: Why is that horse walking in a circle?
Q: What's the PIN to the phone?
Q: Where's my bus?
Q: Where's my bus?
Q: WHERE is my BUS!?
Q: Why is that man in a Shark Suit?
Q: Why does that man have pillows stuffed up his jumper?
Q: Is that Mr.Weasly? (I maintain that it was)
Q: What's a dinkelmuffin?
Q: What does *Insert anything in German* mean?
Q: Wiederholen? (Repeat?)
Q: Haaaaa?
Q. Huuuuuuuhh?
Q: Langsam!? (Slowly?)
Q: Auf Englisch? (In English?)
Q: What did they say?

And some questions AND answers:
Clare: Man, stoked as for my exchange! How many days until I leave now?
(Is on train home from school in Austria).
Clare: Oh yeah...

Clare: Are you winning?
Florian: Of course.

Clare: Huuuhhhh?
(Everyone responds with laughter)

Clare: What was that last word?
Austrian: Oachkatzlschwoaf.
Clare: Oh of course...

Clare: Was bist du gemacht?
Austrian: Y-
Clare: No wait, was hast du gemacht?
Austrian: I-
Clare: Wait! No! I mean, was machst du?
Austrian: *Insert German I don't understand*
Clare: Oh... coo'.

Clare: How cold is it?
Anne-Sophie: -5
Clare: ...

Clare: What did they say about me?
Austrian: Oh don't worry.
Clare: *Worries*

Clare: Ja?
Austrian: Hast du mich verstanden?
Clare: Jaaaaa nein.

I shall list more later.
My favourite song  in the world at the moment is 'Aufgewacht Auf Sand' by Niels Frevert. Just sayin'


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