Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wax on...wax off...wax on...wax off...

I kind of feel like watching the Karate Kid now (the original. Duh). Originally with the title I was going to write 'Wipe on... wipe off...' and then I remembered the actual words were 'Wax on... wax off...' but decided to go with it anyway.

You know how my computer is temporarily wounded and not in a very good mood to talk to me? Turns out I actually put it into a coma and it recovered with total memory loss. So actually it hasn't recovered at all. Someone wiped it's brain. Psh what an idiot.

Suffering the consequences of this, I haven't had time to blog (as I have told you before). I also haven't been able to make videos, because while yes, I can use my very generous host sister's Nikon Coolpix, I don't have anywhere to store the files and edit them and upload them etc etc. I now need to get myself a new internal hard-drive that radiates good fortune and that will be Clare-proof. In the mean time, I have a bit of time using my other host sister's laptop, and I'm going to do my darndest to write as much as possible.

We left off somewhere in the first week of language camp.
Oh my gosh I don't want to do this. SO MUCH EFFORT! Ugghh. I'm exhausted and I've only typed one sentence. Gotta pyche up the energy. I'm going to make tea first, because I feel that tea will allow me to do this. The tea has now become a sub-plot to this post. The water is currently starting to boil.
Ah yes. Hanging out with Ashleigh.
So my epic roomie and I then continued on our dandy pants way and decided to explore Altmünster. We wandered around looking in different shops. One of them was a paper shop kind of place that had the added convenience of also selling mini candles (the kind you find on birthday cakes). I don't know why they were convenient, but Ashleigh bought one which later proved to be very fortunate indeed. We continued on and passed a music school of epic, and also found a cigarette vending machine. Yarp. A vending machine for cigarettes. It even had a little button for the Marlbroughs. I took a photo which you may or may not see someday. We saw what we secretly think was a nunnery, and also found a shopping centre. Markt something or something Markt. It had a 'u' in the name too. I didn't pay tooo much attention. Randomly enough, you could purchase xbox games there. I was like ''
The water has finished boiling but I couldn't be bothered to go fill my cup with it.
Later we also found a massive building. I have no idea what it was but it was massive. By massive I just mean big. I mean, a lot of people think 'massive' and equate it to shopping centre size. If it were a house, it would be massive. Kind of looked like hotel size, but wasn't a hotel. We took photos cause it was pretty. We wandered down streets and took photos of buildings, and also met a dog. Didn't touch it though. That would have just been crazy sketchy. That was kind of the end of our afternoon adventure.
Oh yeah! The candle. I'm going to take a big step back and tell you another story, within this story. It's just how I roll. So you see when I was going to Malaysia and packing my bag, I was talking to mum, and she was like 'Clare, do you really need to pack scissors?' and I said 'Mum, scissors are one of the most convenient items to take with you anywhere. I have never had a pair of scissors and regretted taking them somewhere.'
I packed my scissors and conveniently enough on the training weekend which was just before we were about to drive to Malaysia, the group decided to cut the hair of one of the guys there. I was the one cool enough to have scissors. Score one for Clare.
That's just a little story of me having stuff conveniently. Because once again, conveniently enough, while Ashleigh was trying to fix this mad necklace she bought, she needed tiny fingers. She didn't have tiny fingers, and nor did I. However I did have mini pliers and a pair of tweezers. When she then needed scissors, I had a mini sewing kit that I was given for christmas, which of course had scissors. (I was also asked if I had a sewing kit at a later point. I'm so convenient).
I have decided to reboil the water.

I'm a photo/video freak. People have started identifying me as the one who will have stuff on video. They have also learned that the red camera is for video, and the DSLR is for photos. I was actually taking a video the moment the boys walked in. This moment wasn't just a whatevs moment. It was THE moment when everyone saw them. In their lederhose(n?). They. Were. Beautiful. I wish I could show you the video but I'm not sure if it survived the great laptop wiping of '11. If it did, I'mma defs going to post it sometime. We all applauded. Because of course, they're a crazy attractive piece of clothing. Then again, they were being worn by attractive teenage guys. I decided I wanted one of the trad. dresses. They're so pretty. I'm thinking of buying the lederhose (I think it's just hose, because 'Hose' auf Englisch ist 'pants' and it'd just make sense..) for my brother(s). Defs getting the dress.
Another thing I had on video was Bek running down a hill and slipping in the mud. I also hope I didn't lose that file.

Onnnnnn Saturday(?) we caught up with the Rotex students! I don't actually remember what day it was, it was so long ago. They were epic kiddos. I was sad face, cause I always end up in rooms late, and then I get random seats that are generally removed from the exciting conversations and stuff. I sat down at a table with some cool other inbound students and a Rotex guy called Tom. He went to Canada and has a joint citizenship. It's my new mission to learn the difference between an American and a Canadian accent. I don't want to keep insulting Canadians. We were going to go ice-skating with them, and walked to the ice skating place and everything. Turns out there was a championship being held instead. We were all like 'Championship sounds cool. Sure. Can we watch?' which they said we could. Did not expect it to be the mystical Austrian curling.
Okay, reboiling water and actually pouring it into my cup this time.
It's not that I don't like mystical Austrian curling, but it's a lot like golf. Really only fun if you're actually playing. And even then.. golf...
Instead, the Rotex students played games with us. Mostly just a team charades kind of thing, but it was good anyway. I was somewhat sad to say goodbye to them. I get attached to people very quickly. As you may have noticed.

Sunday was Salzburg. MMMMHMMM. We got rugged up and stuff and had to wander around to find the bus. Actually, we lost the bus, and had to wander to find it again. I sat up the back and spent a substantial amount of time recording the girls singing various melodies from The Sound of Music. Salzburg being the home of the musical, of course. It was actually quite a beautifully dismal day. Wonderful grey clouds, cold, and a little drizzly. Our first stop was another church. Garn. Churches here really go all out with looking fantasmical. Then we went to Mozart's house and learned about him and stuff. They had little replica pianos and on a scale of 1-10, I 50 billion wanted to play them. I did learn a few things about Mozart. First, his dad was a lot weird, secondly, his sister was a legend. She was becoming well known for her piano skills and stuff, but had to step aside so as to allow Mozart to reach hís full potential. Or something like that. Mozart also had some friends sing his last requiem to him before he died. I would never be able to do that. Way too creepy.
Taking out the teabag and putting in the milk.
I have actually just consumed most of my cup of tea. Dag yo. Now I have to finish this blog with 79ml of tea and raw determination.
We went for lunch at a restaurant and they gave us soup. Frittata soup. It was like noodle soup, but then Austria ran out of noodles, so they ran around desperately searching for something to replace the noodles, and came up with thin slices of sugarless crepes. And they put it in soup. It tasted a little weird, but I was a fan ouf the actual soup stuff, so I ate it anyways. Next was the main course, the wonderous Wiener schnitzel. It felt kind of wrong to eat my first real Wiener schnitzel in Salzburg, but after the first bite I didn't actually care. I mean, it tasted like normal schnitzel, it just felt a little more right to be eating it in Austria. After lunch they said we were free to explore on our own and meet back at this place in about 3 hours. So Teagan, Scott, Pierce, Jacob, Ross, Jamie and I rocked our way to a castle on a hill. We actually walked a full circle around the castle's hill's base before we actually went in. Garn that walk was tiring.
I was quite pleased to be there. It being my first castle and all. I go pretty excited and we found a pyramid thingy of random that we stood on and took photos at. I decided I really quite do want to be a princess and live in a castle. Spent my life's savings at the gift shop though. Not that I care too much. I now have a cool patchy thing of the Austrian crest of epic to stick on my blazer.
I've finished my tea. Darnit.
After our castle adventure we went down into this square with a giant golden ball and a pastry pretzel seller. She was pretty and sold pretzels. HUZZAH! Aaaaaand then we went home.

Okay so I'm going to take pity on both of us, take a break, and start a new post to finish this. MHMM!

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