Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mittwoch, Gestern, und Heute

Australian non-German speakers, you pronounce the title words like so:
Mittwoch. Um... it's pretty much as it looks.  The 'ch' has that back-of-the-throat noise that you would find in Spanish names like José, only it's not as rolled. Just slightly.
Gestern is probably the same as what you'd say, only it's 'g' as in 'goal' instead of 'g' as in 'giraffe'.
And heute is hoi-teh. I think. I hope you can now pronounce them correctly.

It's not that the past three days have had crazy particular events that have changed my life forever, but there are some things I feel it'd be cool to report. And others that are just 'meh'.

Wednesday was hilarious. I can't explain how really funny it was. Not because I don't have the words. I know exactly how to explain it. I just can't do it. I can tell you that I think Austria is trying to tell me it hates me. Or at least, public transport does. In addition to the two hours of waiting for the train on Friday, and the bus being sneaky and not telling me I had to stand up, more has happened. On Wednesday, I missed the bus. It wasn't that I was late or anything, it was kind of more as though the bus decided to not show up. I waited for ages at der Bahnhof for number 470 and it didn't come. So I walked to Spar and looked around for a while, because the bus is silly and runs hourly instead of half hourly. Upon returning to the bus stop, I looked at the bus plan thingy, and it said apparently it had skipped an hour. So wasn't due for just over an hour. I wasn't exactly going to sit a a bus stop for that hour, so I started walking home.
The distance has been listed on google maps as 8.7km and 11 minutes by car. An hour and a half on foot.
It wasn't too bad. And I didn't know these statistics when I started walking. At first I was like "Daaaaaaangit!" but then I realised it wasn't bad. It was just funny. I was giggling like a 6 year old. Probably more than a 6 year old. I don't get super crazy energised over coffee or tea or sugar, so I can't say I was giggling like I'd just chugged a litre of coffee or anything. I'm pretty normal. Sometimes I get really giggly when I'm tired, so I guess you could say I was as giggling as if I was very very tired. Come to think of it, I was. Maybe that's why walking 8.7km was so funny. I digress.
I made it about 2 km before I heard my host mother call my name. I looked up and about 50 metres away she was standing next to her car, looking at me with a little confusion as to what on Earth I was doing. I reached the car and she told me she finishes work early on Wednesdays so I could have called and she would have come to pick me up. I felt a little frustrated that I didn't think of that. And that's the story of how I'm not too exhausted (from walking 8.7km) to write this blog, instead of being extremely tired, and too ashamed to type it.

Thursday (Gestern - which is the German word for 'yesterday') was also kind of entertaining. Firstly, two of the guys in my class broke a lightbulb. I don't know why but they were having one of those 'this-isn't-an-actual-fight' fights (play fight just sounds childish) and bumped the table on which the long globe sat. Which, in turn fell onto the floor and broke. It was so very darn funny, especially to then watch them clean it up. Claudia and I took photos/video of it. But for reasons I'm not going to divulge, you wont be seeing it.
Then in German (the subject) we were doing book presentations. I think. I didn't really know what was happening, but that's quite normal. I DO know that we were commenting on the presentation afterwards. I think the teacher wasn't quite right in some of what she said (the little that I understood). I've done much public speaking in my life (it's not something I reflect upon with great fondness) and he spoke quite well. I think the teacher was affirming that at some points, but other stuff she was saying needed work that was actually really good. Everything always needs work though, so meh. Then again, she's the teacher. And perhapsamundo she's got more knowledge and experience than I do.

I also played COD for the first time on computer! For those of you who are perhaps of the older or less familiar with video games and their abbreviations, COD stands for Call of Duty. It's a shooting game that I'm useless at. But it was fun to try. Various skilled classmates would kill me while I'm busy running into a wall (all in the game, of course). It was miserable.
At one stage, we only had half a class, and I think Claudia threw Florian's jacket at Vanessa. Somehow it ended up on a desk and I put it on. It was so comfy! The smell reminded me of the Wiggles. I dunno why. I sat in it all class and eventually half forgot I was wearing it. Then Florian came back in with the others for the next class. He looked at the desk he'd left it on and did the whole "Where's my jacke-" saw me, and made a funny face and was like "oh... um... okay... what?" but let me wear it until the end of school.

We finished school early too, so I went and chilled with Claudia and Vanessa. We went to a café called Reich (which is 'rich', in German) and I had a croissant. A mystical chocolate one. So amazing. We chatted and laughed and just relaxed. Then we went to a shop called DM. I think. It was more of a chemist, but with no medicine. Just cosmetics and stuff. The girls went crazy with the perfumes, spraying and smelling them, and by the time we emerged from the shop they smelled so funny. Like a walking version of the perfume counters in places like Myer. We returned to der Bahnhof and sat with this super cool guy from my class called Stefan (I think his nickname is Downey?) until the train came. Which I caught. On time. HUZZAH!

Once again, the bus decided I wasn't worth its time, and didn't show up. I walked to the second bus stop and very awkwardly asked a lady for the time. It wasn't until I sat down that I realised I'd used 'Du' instead of 'Sie', and felt very rude indeedy. I was waiting for a while, choking on the cigarette smoke of an old man sitting on the seat near me. Luckily for me, my host father pulled up and called out to me, and once again the mean bus lost to the nice host parent.

Then today we had to change classrooms a billion times (three times... which is a lot when you haven't done so for almost two weeks). The first two times, I was the only one who didn't get a spinny chair. I was quite sad. But it was okay, cause I finally got to talk to Lukas for the first time. I just asked him how he was, and even that was a challenge. I can be super shy so I spent about 5 minutes telling myself to just say hi before words actually came out. Fortunately he was very casual about the 10 second ordeal and like a normal person, responded to feeble me. I really need to work on my social skills. He's quite fantastic and the longest conversation I've held with him didn't even extend beyond 'Wir gehts?' *head+wall*
I spent a lot of my free time today trying to think of conversation starters. So far no good.

I played COD again today. Marco (you remember Superman, yeah?) let me use his laptop and even told me various places I could go and helped me with the shooting thing. It was not easy, but I managed to not lose! HUZZAH! I nearly did the 'win' dance when I got Florian, but then I decided I wasn't in the mood to test the kind nature of my class, and decided to stay the 'super excited over one point' girl instead of the 'um... bist du verrückt?' girl. I was even cool enough to be the winner of Claudia, Vanessa and me. Mmmmhmm.

There were more presentations today. Downey (I really need to learn how to spell that) and Fabian gave theirs. I didn't understand most of what Downey said, but when I did I felt really quite proud of myself. And he was so funny! Of course I only understood a few of the jokes, but it was good all the same. It drove me crazy afterwards when the teacher was critiquing his presentation and I couldn't speak good enough German to say how good it was! I was very not happy with myself. It was really well done and the only way I could think of saying that was "Es war gut. Du hast perfect Aussprache." and that's not really specific enough at all.
Next was Fabian's. I've never seen him look so serious. He seems to always be smiling which is super cool. He's got one of the world's happiest smiles. I don't know if that makes sense, but he does. So I was thinking *Why so sssserious?* (that would have been better if I'd seen the movie). His presentation was on the book 'Die Wolke' which in English is 'The Cloud'. It's been made into a movie and we watched the trailer. It looked interesting. He, too, did it really well. Once again, I mostly sat there with a blank face. He smiled at times throughout it, which was cool. SUCH A HAPPY SMILE!!!

Um... yeah... so...
After school I was super stoked to be standing in the sun. Sun is nice.
I nearly fell asleep on the train. I was completely NOT stoked for having to catch the bus and then walk home, but once again, host parent wins because my host father was there to pick me up. HUZZAH!

Other events of today include:
- I got a mirror in my room. Yay ^^ it looks very nice.
- I ate a piece of fish and half a potato. The fish was okay. I didn't like it, but I would eat it again were it put in front of me. The potato was painful. I can confirm for you all that I still can't stand it. It felt like a marathon to get through. I do NOT want to do that again. Icky potato *writhes in pain*
- I watched a movie called Bollywood lässt Alpen glühen. It was hilarious. I loved it.
- I should have mentioned this earlier, but I introduced some of my class members to the Wiggles. I could tell they were impressed.


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