Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Language camp days... something until Saturday

So I lost count and couldn't be bothered to open up a new tab to work out where I left off. Basically it's now Saturday and I'm doing some catchup work.
By work I mean blogging. That's obvious.
Well of course I did record videos (well... video) over the past few days. I took a lot of video footage (on the mini camera, for later video making purposes). Anyway, to sum up, not much has really happened.
When we first got here, we were like 'Aw. No internet. No blogging.' Actually that was mainly me. I think I'm the only blogger here. I'm definitely one of the few bloggers that I know. Serial bloggers at least. Everyone else seems to be pretty much on the 'yeah I'll post maybe once every now and again when I remember I have a blog' side. I actually find it addictive. I love sharing my mediocre life online, pretending people are actually interested in hearing about it. In my head, I actually have this little wish that maybe one day, lots of my friends and family will read this, and it'll be an exciting part of their day. It's only a small wish. The kind you make when you get given a helium balloon and secretly hope you'll end up flying away. Just a small one. Mostly unrealistic. Stupid physics.

As I was saying, not much has really been going on. After school the other day, Ashleigh and I went to the church here in Altm√ľnster. It was quite amazing. I'm... um... I don't know how to put it in a way that you'd understand. I'm similar to my friend Happi, and she is similar to me. We are similar to each other. I guess you'd have to know both of us to know what I'm trying to say. Or you'd have to just KNOW me. I suppose that'd be enough. Well keeping in mind who I am, try to understand what this day felt like for me. The church. Yeah. Der Kirche, ich glaube. So much awe or whatever.

It's actually MONDAY after those days until Saturday. My computer is out of action and it's hella weird trying to blog from someone else's. You can't add photos or anything (not that I do normally, but it's always nice to have that available to me). Here's the summary that's even more of a summary than it was going to be.

Chilled with Ashleigh and returned to the hotel. Three guys had bought lederhose(n?) which were attractive. Very. I think it's the braces that do it for me. And the fancy white shirts...
Three girls at a later date bought themselves what I have googled to be called 'Dirndl's. We spent some time with the Rotex students (Austrians who have been on and returned from exchange). We ate food, we did more chilling, we learned a truckload of German.
I actually don't even know what Saturday I was talking about here. I think it was the saturday before we went to Salzburg. Yeah. We went to Salzburg. I feel your envy.

I'm actually just captian lazypants and really could not be bothered to write about everything. And this isn't my computer. It's just awkward.

Mrrr. Well I have school holidays now, so I really should be out having a great time instead of writing about the great times I've had so far.
Until my laptop is fixed/I could be bothered,

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