Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Language Camp day 1 + 2

Well I made it to language camp. HUZZAH!

I don't think I've mentioned it to you before. In summary, for the next two weeks I get to hang out with substantially cool people, and learn a lot of German. I also miss out on two weeks of school with my epic school friends, which I'm really quite sad about. Kind of secretly hoping they miss me too, not that it's much of a secret now that I've posted it on my blog. But whatever. ALSO miss out on two weeks with my host family, who I miss. I guess I should focus on the positives and just try my darndest to learn German so I can actually talk to all these super rad people.

The trip up was just dandypants. I took photos of everything and was pretty stoked about it. Driving into the town was beautiful. We're next to lake Traunsee which is just whoa. I took a photo and will take more today, because I'm like that. There are quite a few of us. We're mostly from Australia and South America. There are 4 kiddos from New Zealand (and if there are 5, I'm really shamed out) who I quite like. They have accents. Yay ^^
My room buddy is SO COOL! Her name is Ashleigh and I like her a lot. We get along really well, and we both know the same girl back in Australia. Which is cool. Having a mutual friend before we reached Austria. HUZZAH! After introductions and stuff we had free time, so she and I walked down to the lake and chilled with the ducks. And a swan. It was like the ugly duckling again. Only of course this time, it was grown up. So it was like that moment when it was beautiful and the ducks were all saying, 'Oh man! You're totally beautiful! We wish we hadn't bullied you and stuff....' I recorded a video. I'm like that.

Walked back and had dinner which was.. well... normal for a day. From dinner we then had more free time to hang out and wander around the town and stuff. As long as we're in the hotel by 9 and in our rooms quiet by 10, we're good. So then I was just having a coo' time in my room with my room buddy of awesome, and opened my laptop JUST IN CASE we had internet. And we do. HUZZAH! And that's the story of how I'm able to write this blog (and blogs throughout the week) instead of having to type them up and mass post them in two weeks time.
Don't worry, just in case you are a smart person and are worried, I know that I can deliberately space out the time of the posting, but it's just inconvenient because I get holidays when I get home. No way do I want to have posts going off about my time two and three weeks prior to when they reach you. So I'm posting as I go.

Hetue we woke up crazy early. It wasn't quite so bad as normal Austrian school days for me, where I arise at 5:50, but it was still pretty hurty. Frühstück was coo'. We had kaiser semmel (I know it's supposed to be one word, but I don't know whether I capitalise the Kaiser or the Semmel...) and I like it. I like it a lot. Sie haben fantastisch Brot hier. I really hope that was right, because we actually learned stuff today. At first I was a little frustrated, because a lot of what we were saying I already knew, but I did learn things. And then I remembered my German lessons in Australia didn't really have this kind of structure, and definitely not this emphasis on Grammar, so I think it's going to be really helpful for me to have this course.
I was thinking about how we really should learn some German via songs, because musical cues make you remember things more effectively. Fortunately, we actually have been learning German through songs. We have a whole collection of them. Yay ^^ "Ich bin Ausländer und spreche nicht gut Deutsch" etc, to the tune of "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain (when she comes)". Come to think of it, I don't understand that song at all. I read it was based on a different song though. But whatever.

After our school day a bunch of us went for a walk. It was a really nice day and all so we wandered into town. We walked across this field thingy and Bek fell over and got mud all over her jeans. I have it on video, cause I'm a legend. I'm going to post it on facebook when I get the time and the internet connection. Took a bunch of group photos and stuff. I'm way tired and couldn't be bothered to actually type up a lot about it. Back at the hotel I was playing my ukulele and Jamie was playing his, and some of the other exchange students had a go as well. One guy had a guitar pick in his wallet and asked whether you could use them on ukuleles. I half squealed with excitement, because of course, I lost the one that goes with mine. Which kind of isn't ACTUALLY mine. It was my christmas present to my younger brother, but I played it so much and wanted to take one with me to Austria that he gave me his and was going to get a new one in my absence. Anyway it was nice, we sat around and played ukulele and stuff. I also felt pretty special, cause people wanted to use my laptop for internet. Yay ^^ People befriend me to use technology.
Totally watched Doctor's Diary. It's just one of those shows. It was sadder this time, and I was not impressed.
Skyped my parents for a bit and went to bed.

Oh man was that an effort. I was so close to not bothering to type the rest and just deleting it. Ugg. Oh well. Finally got it out of the way! I think videos are the way to go while I'm on this camp...


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