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and I wanna keep going...

If you are reading this, it's actually supposed to be a continuation of the post before it. But it's actually not too important that you read that post. It'd be cool if you did though. Just sayin'.

Because we live in the real world, we had school again after Salzburg. As in, the day after. Which was Monday. If it interests you (I don't know why I bother saying stuff like that, because I'm going to proceed whether it interests you or not), my Language camp day would proceed like this:
Wake up at 6:45. Sleep in until 7:15. Have breakfast at 7:30 and begin class at 8:15. 2 hours of education and then a 15 minute break - the duration of which I would normally sleep. Another 2 hours of education. Lunch until 1:30. Yep, 2 more hours of German. After which we'd have free time until 6 (dinner time) and then we could hang around Altmünster until 9, when we had to return to the hotel. In our own rooms and supposed to be in bed at 10. So would proceed my days of familiarising myself with this 3 articled dativ-akkusativ-nominativ language. I think English probably has something dative-accusative-nominative going on too, but I didn't have to learn it. I just naturally speak it. It's my special skill.
Then oooooon Wednesday we had injections.

You know what I hate? Pain. I hate it. Why? Cause it's such an average thing. But then for me, it's really not. I have the world's lowest pain threshold of anyone I've met. I cry thinking about needles. I know, I'm a baby. I'm quite pathetic, but I can't help it. I just freak out. I was upset the moment they told us when we were having our needles. You see, Austria is an amaying country, but it has ticks. Demon insects that eat their head into your body and give you the incurable meningitis. I would rather have a needle than meningitis, but I'd also rather just not be eaten by a tick than have a needle. I think it's a bit of an unfair tradeoff. Pain so I don't get pain. Actually, that would normally be considered a very fair tradeoff. I want it no pain, for no pain. That kind of thing works for me. As you can imagine pathetic little me was tearing up in the line waiting for the demon metal to bury itself in my weak arm. I had at least 4 people ask if I wanted them to hold my hand. And a billion hugs. I think everyone felt very sorry for me as I whimpered and sniffled like a wounded puppy. Or they just thought I was pathetic. I don't actually care how they saw me at the time, they were kind enough to be sympathetic. Everyone said they didn't feel it. That it wasn't much of a needle.
That just made it embarrassing when it hurt me. When I was upset and achy at it. After about 8 minutes my arm didn't hurt so much, and life was dandy.
Until I went to bed. About halfway through the night I rolled over and became very quickly aware of where it was that I had my injection. And remained so for the next two days. I didn't think it through very well, because I had the injection in my right arm. I'm right handed. *head+wall*.

Thursday night we had a talent show/games night. The talent show was for the hotel staff who had so kindly put up with us over the two weeks we were there. And boy oh boy are we a talented bunch. Magic shows, face shows, the haka, singing, dancing, physical contests, and the legendary violinist Is/zias (that awkward moment when I don't know how to spell his name). I like to think they were impressed with us. Or at least, the attractive Hungarian chef...

The games were organised by Bella and Ashleigh, and were fantastic. We were organised into colour groups and it was pretty much crazy fun. I take off my hat to those ladies. Truly legendary. *removes hat*
Great games, great people, even cool enough to have great food. Of course the best team won. Yellow. Gelb. My team. Duh. It's typical that it would be yellow though. The two colours I pretty much never wear are pink and yellow, and every time there is a yellow team, I seem to end up in it. I didn't mind so much this time. I got to win. HUZZAH!

Saturday we got to go ice-skating! Yay ^^ It hurt my ankles, as you would expect, but I actually wasn't toooo bad. I only fell over once, and it was magnificent. I did manage to pull Teagan over. Or sort of, fling her over. She fell face forward. It was kind of like pushing over a plank of wood. She just... fell. I did play a big part in it. We were skating together and some evil ice sprang up and so I sort of struggled, and because I was holding her hand I kind of threw her flat.... She took it like a man though =D
There were these epic pants kids there. Three of them. All about 11 years old, maybe younger. They would jump over each other. I nearly died with awe and jealousy. I wanted to get a photo with them but was too shy to ask. I did get the chance to talk to one of them on our way home, but that was cause he was on a raily thing and fell off and I asked if he was okay. I felt quite sad for him cause I can imagine it would have been really embarrassing to fall like that in front of 30 coo' teenagers. I was still intimidated by his skating skills so I didn't care. I just wanted to be his friiieeeennnd. In a normal way.

Sunday was home day. HUZZAH HOME! I was really missing the familiar scenery of the Steiermark. It's so homey. And I was missing my host family. And just wanted to hang out with everyone from school. Of course, I would miss the kiddos from language camp, but still. We were picked up by Pierce's host family and got the scenic route home! Not a Tim Wiles scenic route. It was actually a proper route home, just scenic. We stopped in a town called... I think Bad Issl? And went out for lunch and we were going to go to the Kaiservilla (the royal villa where the royal family would go for their summer holidays) but it was closed. So instead we went to Cafe Zauner after lunch. It was sweet. No really, it was like a chocolatier place, and they had chocolate and epic cakes of epic. And magical sugar cubes. And sugar rocks. And postcards. So magical...
Our next stop was in a different town on a lake. A big lake. Massive mountain on one side of the town, massive lake on the other. If there was an avalanche, they'd be stuffed. It was a beautiful town though. Really.. steeply built? And old. I quite liked it muchly. We wandered up to this church which had a cat in it. A really fat fluffy one. When I first saw it I only saw the tail and thought it was a dog. We also went to a cemetry. As we were wandering around, Gerti (Pierce's host mum) motioned for me to go join her. She asked me if I was afraid of dead people, and I said no. Thinking *It's a little late to be asking me, after bringing me to a cemetry.* and giggling a little to myself. If I were, there'd be all sorts of dramas. And then she pointed into this... shine kind of place?
It was a small room, and I looked in.
Then I realised I'd misunderstood the question. Cemetries aren't dead people. Houses of bones are. It was Just a room with all the leg bones and skulls of all these people. Very neatly arranged, and the skulls were delicately painted. I wasn't sure what to feel. It wasn't scary or anything it was just... oh. Whoa. Bones. And many of them. I'll post the photos when I get the chance. Apparently it's an old tradition (not really done so much these days) and it's one of the last (or only) places where all the bones of families are still resting. It was really very interesting.

That was sort of the end of the day. We came home to fantastic tiramisu and a much needed rest.
I pretty much just rested on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I was going to at last hang out with some people from my class! HUZZAH! But then the bus hates me, so I couldn't *weeps*.
Thursday I got to go into Gleisdorf and post some stuff and look around with my host sisters. Then as a spontaneous but not too spontaneous change of plan, caught the train to Feldbach to meet up with Vanessa. We shopped around and had a dandy time. She bought some jazz purple jeans and I was like 'MMHMM'.
I'm sorry. I wont say 'jazz' again unless I'm talking about the music genre.
We caught up with Claudia and went to watch Freundschäft Plus (Friends With Benefits). There were some moderately annoying thirteen year old guys being... annoying 13 year old guys. My lack of confidence in my German drives me crazy sometimes. I understand what people say, and sometimes know a little of how to reply, but I just don't say it in case people laugh at me. It's inevitable that they will. My only consolation is that I rock at English.
The movie was pretty funny. I understood most of everything, which was nice. I could have cried when I understood every word of a conversation that people had. So happy ^^

Now I don't know if you really understand how much public transport here hates me. It really, really hates me. So much. The train home from Feldbach left 4 minutes before the end of the movie, so I had to wait another hour. Fortunately, the wonderous Claudia once again waited with me. Although this time it was at her house instead of der Bahnhof.
I half ran to der Bahnhof so I wouldn't be spät (that's late. Learn the word). I sat out on the platform in the freezing cold, all by myself, when there was a big overhead announcement. I only heard 'spät' and was like 'okaly dokaly, Imma going to have to find out how late'. There was a man INSIDE der Bahnhof and I asked him how late, and he said 10:30. I told my host parents 9:30, thinking I'd misheard him, but after I sent it he confirmed it as 10:30. This was at 9. The man left der Bahnhof. I assume he didn't want to wait 2 hours. So I was like 'rawr' and re-smsed them and told them 10:30. They said they'd come pick me up because 2 hours was too long to wait. Then at 9:40 my host mum called and asked if I was on the train. Apparently the train actually DID come at 9:30, and the sneaky man had sneakily decieved me. Or he misheard the announcement. Either way I felt absolutely awful on the way home. So much trouble. Silly public transport.

And at last I reach today!!!! Thank God. This has been a marathon.
Today we went to a restaurant called Figaro for lunch.Why? Because it's my host parents' 20th Wedding Anniversary! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THEM! We had fantastic pizza and spent all afternoon being knackered.
I'm actually too knackered now, and I have nothing more to say.

Until next time,

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