Saturday, January 29, 2011

What happened for my birthday and how it connects to Wednesday

It's taken me a long while but at last I have time to write about my last Wednesday in Australia. I'm not even going to write about it, because there's actually a different day I have to write about before then, so you understand a bit more about my last Wednesday. No that's not true. You'd understand my last Wednesday without this story. I just have to tell the story anyway.

So backing up, it starts on November...something... 2010.
If you read my birthday wishlisty post thing then you would have seen that I wanted a day to take photos of all my friends and stuff. You know, just being able to tell them to pose or whatever and take as many as I like. Well apparently some people actually read that post, because my brother then organised for my friends to come over one Saturday and go up to Canberra for this photo taking adventure.

They day he picked wasn't the best. You see it was a week before (or I think the weekend before) the S.C. so a lot of my friends couldn't come. And then of course he didn't tell ME. This meant that Saturday morning I was just chilling in my room, sleepy and looking forward to a whole day of doing absolutely nothing. No really, my intention was to sit on a chair or couch or bed - all day - and pretty much just have an empty head. I was super stoked for it too, cause I was kind of in a mood of 'uurggh. I didn't want to think about the S.C. and I didn't want to move more than 100 metres in the whole day.
As I lazily got out of bed so I could lie on the floor (I like that kind of variety), I saw a car pull up and thought, 'Oh look. A car. Perhaps Ariel is here.'

He was. And so were at least 8 other friends, screaming. I couldn't see them. All I could hear from inside my room was the front door pretty much kicked open and my name being called by lots of voices. At this point I thought, 'I don't know what's happening, but I think it would be in my best interest to be asleep in bed right now. Or dead.'
The voices got louder and BAM! My friends ka-powed into my room and grabbed my wrist to pull me outside.
"Clare! Clare we're going to Canberra! We're going to Canberra, Clare!" (I know. Sounds so similiar to Candy Mountain).

My natural instincts kicked in and I sat down and curled into the fetal position.
"No. No I don't like thissss. I don't like this at all. What's going on? And no."
Happi opened my wardrobe (Kleiderschrank) and pulled out some jeans and a shirt and told me to put them on. Zeb threw some sort of papery thing at me, and Alex gave me a present and a card. I was kind of twitching and "mmmerrrgh....". I felt trapped. Like a moth. In a bath.
I also felt bad, cause they were all super excited about this Canberra trip and I just wanted to go back to bed. I know. How ungrateful can a person be? I kicked everyone out and begrudgingly got myself prettified (although I didn't look very pretty at all).

We rocked up to Canberra to take photos, but the day was really overcast and so the lighting was awful and we decided instead to go to Questacon. Actually, first we went to Civic (I think it was Civic), and had lunch. THEN we went to Questacon. Turns out Happi had never been to Questacon. Actually I think quite a few of the attendees had never been to Questacon. I was shocked. Who hasn't been to Questacon? I guess a lot of people don't want to see Science made fun. Oh wells.
First thing we did was go to watch one of those special timed show things. The guy was talking about Predator VS Prey of the sea. The room (kind of like a lecture theatre) was split into two teams. The predator and the prey. I was in predator (fo' sho'!) and we had to rawr (cause really, who says roar?) like a lion, while the other team had to bleat like a lamb. Garn. Bleat. What a funny word. Anyway, stuff I learned:

- the Narwhal is the coolest animal in the sea. It‘s like an ocean unicorn. The horn on it's head is a tooth, and has no purpose. Really, it‘s pretty much just there to impress the females. They're just like "Hey. I'm a Narwhal. Look at my giant tooth." and their only natural predator is the polar bear, which will occasionally jump on it‘s back and maybe scratch it a little. But even then, they need to be super careful, lest they be skewered on the Narwhal‘s tooth.
- Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don‘t drift away from each other. Süß!
- Walruses are super sketchy and dangerous
- The giant squid isn't the biggest squid. There is such thing as a collossal squid, which has razor blade thingys on its tentacles. Basically if anything tried to eat one, it would be violently slashed from the inside. Brutal.
- Sharks hate the taste of people. We're icky.

And I did learn more, but can't remember it. Then we just chilled at Questacon and came home.

It was a good day, I could safely confirm. We didn't end up taking any photos, but that was okay. They said we would do it again some other day. So I was like "Meh. Cool"
I really did have a good time, and it did make an otherwise empty day... not... empty. Which was good. I have super lovable friends ^^

Now I can tell you about my last Wednesday in Australia. HUZZAH!

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