Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is what happened on my last Wednesday in Australia (now that you have that little pre-last-Wednesday story.

Wednesday was actually my last day at home before I left for Austria. It took a loooooong time but I finally had all my stuff packed, and my room was ready to be invaded by siblings and stuff when I was gone. My friends rocked up so we could once again go to Canberra and take photos. It was actually kind of really sad for me. Looking at my room for the last time. As my room. Chances are high that it will be my sister's when I come home (which is good for me, cause I want her room). In spite of this I still kind of whimpered. I'd never again look at all that stuff as mine. Not only that but it has a homey smell. I'm kind of going crazy hoping that it doesn't smell like my junior siblings' room when I get home. Truth be told, their room is not good smelling at all.
Walked outside and then it kind of really hit me that I was leaving home. Not house but home. I was just standing in front of it. Mum came and hugged me and I got all teary. I couldn't face my friends for at least 30 seconds just so they wouldn't see me cry. Zeb came and gave me a hug. "Clare, we're leaving home!". I was slightly not as excited as he was.

We drove up to Canberra, pointing out all the things we wouldn't see for ages. "This is the last time I'll see that monument for a year!" sort of thing.

I need to stop, and take a whole new paragraph, in honour of Ariel. He is a legend. You think you know cool people? Well you probably do. But Ariel is one of the super cool people that I know. He drove to Canberra early on Wednesday morning, drove back, and within half an hour drove us all back to Canberra again. That's a lot of driving, and you'd have to be a pretty darn spectacular human being to do that. This, my friends, is Ariel. My day was amazing and we couldn't have done it without him, thus I'm crazy grateful. So please, a standing ovation for him. *Stands and claps*.

We had to go to the bus station to collect Happi, Taai and Miranda. They were waiting all happy and sutff. We marched in and yelled "CHILDREN!" And on the count of three, we darted them. Oh man it was good. Unfortunately, Happi was the only one good enough to actually fall down. She only did so after hugging me and having me tell her that she had to drop. All in all though it was quite dandypants. Mirandarjeeling gave me tights and Cohen gave me a disney calendar. *Squee*

Also claps for Taai. Although he didn't drive to Canberra twice, he did agree to drive Dad's car home, which he really didn't want to do. For insurance reasons etc. So I'm also thankful for that. Yay Taai. :)

Back to the story. It's actually a kind of a short story from here on. We went to the Sculpture Garden and I took a bunch of photos of everyone. Unfortunately we went sort of during the middle of the dayish, so the light was pretty harsh (thus I took most of them in the shade) and I'm also kind of shy (in a special way when I'm with my friends) so I didn't actually take all the photos I wanted to. But that's okay :) People were getting hungry and tired and wanted to finish, so I voted we go get food. We went to Manuka to get a super late lunch.

Because google is rude I only have 1 gigabyte of photo file space storagey stuff. So to see the photos, go HERE

We had lunch and stuff, and it was all good until that super crunching moment when I had to come to terms with the fact that I was about to leave the country, and I wouldn't see these amazing people for a year. If not more. I often use the phase 'kick in the face' to describe stuff that happens to me that I don't like. This wasn't a kick in the face. This was being winded. A suckerpunch to the diaphragm. I got really choked up while trying to keep it together (I actually managed pretty well). Saying goodbye to everyone was just so... hurty. I had a few letters to distribute (and felt stupid for not being organised enough to have a letter ready for everyone). Some other people cried, which made me feel pretty special. It was really emotional. Really emotional. More tears than in the average episode of Neighbours.

When it was time to go I got that sick twisty feeling. I'm not going to try explaining it. We were very kindly driven to this random place at the side of the road where we had to wait for mum and dad to pick us up. It was just sad. I stopped crying and was just exhausted. Emotions are draining. We went out for dinner and when we got back to the hotel I nearly fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

And that's the happy ending to my day. Yay tears and stuff.


The next day, Zeb left home. Which actually involved no tears. It was sad all the same. After over 10 years of miserable life, he and I finally got along really well. Dag yo'. But he's a champion and is going to have a killer of a time in the navy. HUZZAH!

That's it really. Don't have much more to say. I guess maybe thanks to everyone who was involved in that day? It was fantastic.

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