Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Late Friday

Ahh man. Friday.
Friday was Tag der öffnen Tür. For those of you who speak English and not German (which I'm going to guess is most if not all of you), this is Open Day. Because it was open day, it meant that we did pretty much no work on Friday. We only had half our class in the classroom (I have no idea where everyone else was) and that half was mostly playing computer games. Daniel and I weren't. Daniel is a legendary web designer and I was just watching everyone else play COD etc.
This was nice. You know, no work.
No that's not entirely true. During our English lesson we did have two English teachers come in to present a challengey thing for us. Something to do with roses and petals and dice. I don't like using my brain too much so I sort of stared at it for a long time hoping to get what it was, while everyone else actually managed to think it through.
Note to self: Think in school.

Because es war (it was) Tag der öffnen Tür, we finished school early. HUZZAH! Instead of the usual something-past-1, we finished at 11:30. I was super stoked cause we don't get that much sunlight in a day, and most of it we spend inside (I'll explain an average school day some other time). I had to quickly go to the office to get a confirmation of my enrollment form thingy to take with me to complete my visa. This was fine, but it took forever. Thankfully I had my AWESOME friend Claudia to help me get it. She and I walked to the Bahnhof (you remember the word, yeah?) and we went out to the platform and looked at the clock. Der Zug (remember Zug? and of course Der is just the definite article. It's masculine.) was on time. Arrived at exactly 11:50am. Unfortunately, Claudia and I arrived at 11:51am. GAAAAHHH.
We were tired and thirsty and kind of hungry, but more on the not-so-hungry side of hungry. (And on the western side of Hungary, which is just across the border from where I live). So I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat with me. We went to some random and really nice café and she had coke and I had water. We talked about school and stuff to pass the hour until the next train came. As it was coming around to 12:30pm we asked for the bill. I dunno why but it took them a while to bring it to us (and I don't mean that in a rude 'they-took-a-low-class-forever-amount-of-time-to-bring-the-bill' sort of way. I mean, they actually did take a long time to bring it). We paid, left and started walking back to der Bahnhof.

I saw a man wearing a shark suit (yes, shark head and everything) and was a little confused, but mostly entertained. I laughed.

Because I'm awkward about hurrying to places, Claudia and I did the half-jogging-half-walking thing to der Bahnhof. Walked in and asked the man whether the train had come yet. The train was on time! HUZZAH! But I was not. It had arrived and left at 12:50pm. We had arrived at 12:51pm. Missed it by one minute. Again.

Claudia is amazing. No kidding, if you were to ask me who is amazing, I would definitely say Claudia. She waited with me for the second hour. What an absolute Held (hero).We sat and played a game like Mario Kart on her laptop. Garn I love her. So cool. Finally at 1:45pm I decided I should go wait on the platform so as to not miss it again. Thanked her for staying with me and wandered through to the other side. I was at last there to see the train on time. As der Zug pulled out from the station, the person in the shark suit was standing on the platform waving goodbye to everyone. Aw nice.
Caught the bus home with my host sisters. We chilled for a bit and didn’t actually do much the whole afternoon. In the evening we watched Helden von Morgen (Heroes of Tomorrow) which is basically Austrian Idol. It was pretty melodramatic and it went for aaaaaggeess. The winner was some girl called Cornelia and she was actually good :) The runner up was called Lukas. He sang Kabinenparty, which I love for reasons that I don’t even understand. It’s just so funny. Someone said something about lions and jungles, and I had a fit (don’t worry, I shall write a whole blog about it).

So all in all it was a really good day. I went to bed wondering why the person was wearing a shark suit. *shrugs*


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