Friday, January 28, 2011

Kind of like a summary, only not.

Nah, when I think about it, it's nothing like a summary. It's more like conversation fillers. You know, those one-liners people say that don't really leave much to be discussed. You really only have one or two sentences in reply and most of the time they're just in acknowledgement of the other person speaking. For example:
*awkward silence*
Person 1: So it's almost winter! It doesn't feel like it's time for winter yet.
Person 2: Yeah. Seems to come closer every year doesn't it.
Person 1: Yeah.

You get the idea.
So here are a bunch of those sorts of things that I feel like saying. I guess.

Firstly, my host family (Gastfamilie) has a super cool dog called Lara. She comes and sits on me and I pat her. She's so fluffy! *squee*
Secondly, this isn't a bunch of one-liner things either. It's just stuff. *shrugs*

So turns out at school we're supposed to wear slippers (Hausschuhe). I discovered this by wearing my kind-of-like-but-not-exactly ugg boots today, and had this random man in my school come up to me and start talking to me. In German. As you'd expect. I - being a very slow person - had no idea what he was saying. I thought he was saying Ausschuhe, which of course makes no sense at all when you're a teenage girl in school. Had I been on a horse outside then perhaps it would have made more sense to me. I asked him (in Deutsch) if he spoke English and he sort of was just like 'Ok' but I still had no idea what he wanted from me. I just stood there like one of those cartoon characters who have just been hit on the head with a wooden club, and haven't yet fallen over. Eventually I asked whether I could go and he said I could. Then I got into class and Claudia asked me where my Hausschuhe...s.. were. And then I understood what the guy had been saying and was rather embarrassed. Felt kinda rebellious too. Getting away with wearing boots in school.  Heh.

We had two lessons in a different classroom today. They had spinny chairs. The good kind. I spent most of my time waiting for the teacher rolling around the room. Or just spinning. Garn it's fun.

Yesterday (Gestern) I made ANZAC biscuits with Maple Syrup (Ahornsirup) because apparently they don't have golden syrup here. They tasted different from normal ANZAC biscuits, and were crunchy instead of my preferred slightly chewy. But they seemed to taste pretty good according to most people who ate them, so I'm hoping to make them again. Actually, I'm just hoping to bake again. Baking is my favourite (liebling).
We also had a mini-celebration of Australia Day yesterday. We had peachy alcohol-free champagne and ANZAC biscuits and I wore my Australian flag as a cape. It was pretty cool. I felt very patriotic. We even had a toast. I can't remember the German word, but something like Prost. Prosit? meh. There was a word.

I caught the bus home today, and discovered that apparently the bus doesn't stop if you don't stand up in advance and look like you want to get off at the stop. I got up perhaps 30 metres before the stop and nearly fell over when the driver suddenly slowed to a stop. Mental note: Stand up 100 metres in advance.

It's still kind of weird for me to see 14 year old kids smoking, and nobody thinking anything of it.
I was a ninja today. Not that I should be telling you.

German is hard (schwer). In English, we're lucky enough to just have 'a', 'the', 'an' etc etc. In German it's kind of like "We're the Article Crew and we're here to make you stuff up every sentence you say! Yeah! *insert various gangster noises*". My class helps me though, which makes my day. I have finally mastered the art of 'gut - besser - am besten' and 'groß - größe - am großen' (I think). Even when I get it wrong, it's a lot of fun to have people try to help me. It makes me feel included and wanted.

While I'm talking about them, I just wanted to say again, my class is AWESOME. School is kind of... lacking in work, cause I don't speak German so I'm not learning much just yet. However, I have class 2a, so school is the bomb-diggity! (I taught my host mother 'Bomb-diggity' today. I don't think she'll be using it that much). I like to think I've been making friends :] I can at least say I get along with everyone, and some of them have added me on facebook. Generally I consider adding someone on facebook to be a sign of not hating them. And that's a good start! I'm hoping to hear everyone say HUZZAH at some point. It would make my day.
What made my day today, was seeing myself added to the class website. I'm actually listed, on the internet, as a member of the class. *tear* they're really great people. Every single one of them.

I got pretty stoked about the snow today (der Schnee). I typed on a German laptop, and found that they had special keys for the umlaut letters, as well as having switched the locations of 'z' and 'y'. I borrowed a pen. In maths we had an exam. I understood none of it so instead I drew stick figures on my paper. My teacher said it was super. HUZZAH!

And just to clarify. (I kind of confused my host mother with this so I thought I'd make what I meant really really obvious). In the previous post you will notice I said 'WHAT A COOL NAME!' followed by a *cough*.
The cough is not one of those '*cough* I don't actually mean it' kind of coughs. It's a '*cough* so... calming down now and trying to act chilled so you don't think I'm strange' kind of cough.
So yes, Marco is a cool name :]

Well that's really all I have to say right now.
No that's not true. I have a lot to say, but I'll leave it at that so you have less to read.

And here is a picture of some snow on a bush.


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