Monday, January 17, 2011

I'd have to pack my things and go (That's Right!)

Ahh Ray Charles.

Well yes. My packing has commenced. It's a daunting thing, knowing everything you put in a suitcase is all you're going to have in your new country. I'm normally fine with packing. It's just "Throw in this, roll up that, squish it, and HUZZAH! Let's go!' but now it's kind of like "Um... okay think about it. Am I ever going to wear that? Is that going to be flexible enough to be worn while skiing or to school? How much does this weigh and will it keep me warm? Do I need this?"
It's not at all easy. Especially the weight thing. I get 20kg in check-in luggage. I think my bag weighs close to at least 4kg. And then there's what shoes are going to add how much weight to my bag and whether I should put them in my carry-on luggage or just not take them. Argghh it's so tricky! It'd be easier if I were going for a month or so, but 12 months is extremely not easy to pack into 20kg. Thank goodness Österreich has shops at which I can buy clothing.

I've found also that I'm not at all a fashionable person. Going through all my draws and wardrobe brought to my attention how dull and quite unattractive most of my clothing truly is. Oh well. I can fix that I guess.

It's also actually quite funny, the number of people who have given me those travel bags. Seems like everyone has flown business class at some point, because I have at least 3 bags of mini toiletries etc. It's nice though. Just sad to only take one of the bags. They're all so handy.

I'm really worried about how I'll manage to pack my bag for my trip home. I can't exactly put stuff in boxes and just return to it after a year. Speaking of which, despite my room being naked from all my packing away of stuff, it has still found room to be super messy with every leftover item I own. *sigh*

I shall also miss all my summer clothes and unpackable winter clothes. I'm a good friend and am giving them to my other friends to wear during my absence. And no, it's not just me trying to make myself feel like they'll wear them and miss me *shifty eyes*.


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