Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Day of School!

Oh man. I don't really remember my first day of real Australian school. I recall being scared out of my pants of Emma, and wanting to just disappear because it was all so big and scary. I guess some things never change.
I actually had my first day of school yesterday, but that was just for 2 hours, so it doesn't really count. Today counted.

You know what is not fun? Is having to wake up before the sun. That's not fun. Sun is nice. If the sun is up, it means I have an obligation to be up. But doing anything in the morning while the sun is down is nearly impossible. However I have supernatural skills and managed anyway. Did the typical get-ready sort of thing and my host family took me to the Bahnhof (train station). It was cold. Kind of expected that though. It was just as the train pulled in that I remembered to ask when I was supposed to get off. We all sort of looked at each other in a 'ooohhh snap' kind of way, before then working out that I'd be getting off when every other student does. They waved me off as the train (Zug) pulled away. In my head I had a little voice say "That's because they know you're doomed at school, and you'll probably be eaten alive and never seen again. In any form. Ever."

A girl got on the train at the next stop (it's pretty normal for girls to get on trains). She had blonde hair with a bit of pink on the underside. She reminded me of raspberry and white chocolate ice cream. Mm. Ice cream. I just waited for her to get off. Fortunately she did so at Feldbach. HUZZAH!

I had about a 3-5 minute walk from the station to my school. It has this big churchy towery thing in the middle of Feldbach. It's pretty...
Um so yeah. School. I walked in and the voice in my head said "Told you."
It was huge. I mean, it was huge yesterday too, but it was especially huge today because today I was more or less on my own. I stood in front of the class schedule for about 10 minutes looking like an idiot. I had no idea how to read it or what do do. Fortunately, a group of girls were standing about 5 metres from me and talking, and after 10 minutes one of them came up and talked to me. In German. I (using my amazing German skills) asked her if she spoke English, and from there she went and helped me by getting a teacher and stuff. Eventually I was put in a biology class.

I sat up the front. A very bad idea because it was just me and this awesome guy called Philip, so I didn't really have anyone to talk to or anything (not that we were supposed to talk). Turns out in class, we were talking about glucose and insulin. I know this because the words are super similar in German, and he kept talking about blood (the German word for which I learned the day before), and indicating levels rising and lowering and different sugars etc. I felt very intelligent for the first period, having the lesson in German and still being able to follow along. Some girls came up and talked to me afterwards. I have a really bad memory so I can't remember their names *head+wall* but they were really nice and I'm hoping to keep in contact and be.. (wait for it)... friends!
But then we had history. During history I just sat there and watched Philip write stuff, and tried to read the textbook. They were talking about slavery in ancient Rome (once again, I felt genius). Philip was in a green and purple jumper, the kind with the monster faces on the back. He had black hair that was kind of flicky and that had this white patch on the side. I felt cool when I talked to him. Like I was totally awesome. He was a pretty nice (although quiet) guy, so it wasn't too much of a feat. But whatever. I can't remember exactly what happened after history. I think I stayed in the classroom for German too. Once again, I had no idea.

Because the world loves me, I was moved to the same class I was in yesterday. Class 2a(k-IT). It's not that I wasn't mad keen on the first class. But I didn't get to speak to many people and it was altogether rather awkward. Class 2a(k-IT) is AWESOME. Everyone is super friendly and funny (oh my GAWSH are they funny!) and I felt so welcome there. One of the girls who I quite like a lot asked me if I wanted to go to a musical with her and some other people. Because life is not fair, the musical is on during my Language camp, so I can't go *sigh*. I was super looking forward to it. And now I am sad face. *sad face*.
We had Geography where we sort of just talked about me and where I'm from and stuff. It's always a lot awkward to talk about myself to people I don't know. Especially when I don't know if I should speak in German or English. But we all got along pretty well. I think. They spoke a lot of fast German so I can't quite tell if they like me. Probably don't. But I like them, so I hope they like me too. During English the classes were split. I stayed in the same classroom as most of my other lessons today, but I think I might try the other English class tomorrow, just to see what it's like. I felt like I was good at something cause I was able to pronounce everything in English, and could correct homework and stuffs (not that I really needed to. They're all so amazing at it ><).

Also had Business Studies. I managed to understand Hofer (Aldi in Austria. It's the only country where Aldi is called Hofer) and Aldi and something to do with profit. I'm really hoping to improve a lot so I can learn stuffs.

The bell went and it was the end of class. Thus the end of school. And that was my first day of school! Such an adventure. Getting home was also and adventure, but I shall make a new (and short) post for it.
Stuff that was not German that I learned in school:
- They are a lot more relaxed about some stuff in Austria. You can legally drink wine and beer (just not heavy alcohol) from the age of 16.
- Smoking is really normal. The school has a special area for you to smoke. No kidding. I walk past it on my way to class. There's just a bunch of students. Outside. Smoking. It's a lot different.
- Driving you have to be 17 for, but you can drive a motorbike from I think 14.
- I think it might be specific to my class, but computering is really relaxed too. The guys in the front row just sit playing COD Modern Warfare (one guy was playing Plants VS Zombies. HUZZAH!) and the girls go on facebook. Little me was sitting there like o.O
- I also saw a poster (not at my school, at my sister's) of a guy with baby stuff attached to him talking about being baby-savvy or something. I don't know what that's supposed to mean but I haven't seen anything like it in Australia. Then again, I come from captain conservative school.

In summary, my school is a Business Studies school, so I anticipate... business studies... but my class is fantastic and the teachers are helpful too.


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