Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final Rotary Meeting

Time is speeding up by the moment now. I still remember the moment I decided to go on exchange, the moment I applied, the moment I got the call saying I was offered Austria. It's like it was only last month when I met all the students in Australia, and like it was only last week that I was with them and the current outbounders, talking about how excited we were and being presented with our Rotary blazers.

And now it's almost time. Almost. I have less than 10 precious days left with everyone. I went to my last Rotary meeting before I leave. I was the main speaker, and wow is that stressful. I'm glad though, that I did it. It's not easy for me to do but I really love talking to my club. Everyone is so friendly and they really make me feel comfortable with who I am and where I am. It's so encouraging to have so many people wishing me well while I'm overseas (not that I'd expect them to do otherwise).

I like to hope the meeting went well. I had this awfully awkward moment where someone was speaking and I turned around to see everyone who had been sitting at the table out the front with me, had mystically moved their chairs to the side and I was sitting at the table alone. I think I looked even more ridiculous when I actually noticed.

They presented me with an awesome certificate (haha my name was spelled incorrectly. I giggled in my head) and some pennants to take with me to my host clubs. I felt quite special and I'm really hoping my host club is as warm as my home club.

I think I'll expand on the time speeding up thing later.

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  1. All the very best for your big adventure, Clare, and we'll be praying for God's blessing upon you too. Looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday.