Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pet Peeves #5 - Forums

This is dedicated to my annoyance of people on forums. Things that get to me are
- people who deliberately start arguments for the sake of it.
- people who don't know how to convert the arguments to debates, and just use stupid words to fight back.
- chat speak and it's associated users. Some people who use chat speak are fine. They just don't know how to type properly. That's almost okay with me. What I DON'T like is, 'omg ur dum nd u need 2 go nd get a brain coz u dont no me nd stop acting lyk u got evrythin coz mi frends r gonna cum get u!!!11!!1!'
*sigh* Why do they live? No really...
- those desperate ones who flirt. Seriously? You're going to try to pick someone up via the internet?
- spam. I think that's an internationally hated thing.

Other than that, I'm quite a fan of forums. All hail opinion expression!

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