Thursday, December 30, 2010

The ever-growing work aspirations list

I'm starting to think this is less of a blog and more of a collection of lists...
Well this is my list of things that I want to do in my lifetime. A lot of people are really set and determined, wanting to do one thing. For example, some people (for reasons I don't understand) want to work in healthcare until retirement. Other people want to be musicians, other people want to fly planes and stuff. I'm just not one of those people. Well, at least, not entirely.
I do have something that I want to do until (and beyond) retirement, which is photography. I want to be a professional photographer. And not just some woman with a fancy camera who takes 'beautiful photos'. I want to really be a professional, who knows a lot about what she does, can adapt it, and is sought after, not just advertised. I'm not exactly the next Annie Leibovitz, but that's only a little far off from where I want to be with it.
I don't think I'll ever get to that stage, but I like to believe I will.

However. That kind of photography is a really difficult place to be. The kind of photographer I want to be is on a whole new level to that of family portrait photographers or even moderately known fashion photographers etc. To reach that level requires a LOT of work, a LOT of practice, a LOT of tears (garn I'm not even professional and I cry), and a LOT of dedication. You also don't see these people working with compact digital cameras or entry level DSLRs. They work with top of the range equipment. I know, I know, having a great camera doesn't make you a better photographer (you'd be preaching to the Pope if you tried to tell me that), however it does make a difference the more you improve. Equipment costs money. I have very little of that as a student. Even after leaving studentdom, I wont have much, because I'll hopefully be paying my way through some sort of uni course and the board I need to live out of home.

HENCE I have this list. These aren't just jobs I want to do in order to stay alive and make it through uni. These are jobs (and stuff) that I want to do at some point in my life, because in combination with photography, I can't think of many things that would be more wonderful as a way of earning my keep.

- Small tea shop owner. If you have ever been to the CBD of Melbourne and spent any worthwhile time wandering around, you should have come across the Royal Arcade. Within this beautiful building there is a shop. A shop known as Hopetoun Tea Rooms. It is a tea shop, and it is magnificent. (No really, google it). You can't be me and not want to own a place like that. I wouldn't work in it, I'd own it. That way I could be friends with everyone and not be scary and have tea there whenever I wished.
- Seamstress. But not just any seamstress. Oh yes. I'm about to make that pun. I want to be a steamstress. Garn that felt good to say. Well if you know me at all, you'll know exactly what that's supposed to mean. If you don't, it means I want to sew steampunk clothing. Get it? Steampunk. Seamstress. Steamstress?
- Work for Disney. I'm less particular about this one. I don't necessarily want to be a voice actress or anyone working on the major productions. Even being the coffee girl for people working on the film would be enough - and it has to be 2D or Disney Princess.
- Be in an episode of Dr.Who. This one is likely to be a lot harder to achieve. Mainly because I suspect it's drawing to the end of it's time, because the Doctor only has a few regenerations left (which worries me MUCH more than somewhat). All the same, I just want to appear in an episode. Just once. Even if I'm there for only a second in the background making some sort of 'Aichidanza it's ALIENS!' face, I'll be satisfied.
- Work at an airport. I feel the staff at airports are always wonderful and friendly people, so I'd really like to be like that. They look like they have so much fun too! We were once serenaded by two ladies who worked at Virgin Blue as they were checking our boarding passes. They sang songs from Annie.
- Make up Artist/Body painter. It's just a passing fancy. I love seeing peoples faces all colourful and awesome, so I'm just interested in it (and also if I ever want to get into specialist photography for stuff like advertising or fashion photography, it's going to really help to understand how the makeup brings out different features etc and thus helps me with my actual photographyness). And the body painting, well I don't really know anyone who hasn't wished they were able to do the same kind of work as Guido Daniele.
- Costume Designer. But not just any costumes. I want to design theatre costumes. The exciting ones in ballets, musicals and operas. The super awesome ones that are just like :o This, in combination with body painting, could open opportunities for designing (for example) The Rum Tum Tugger from Cats (by Andrew Lloyd Webber). HUZZAH!
- A job in the Publishing Industry. I've always loved writing and a lot of the time reading, and so it would make my day to be able to take people's manuscripts and be like 'Yes. This is awesome. You're about to become a legend!' and make the world a better place by rejecting stories that are similar to the twilight saga, because we don't need any more of those.
- Cook/chef. I'm never going to be professional, but it'd be fun all the same. Not only that, but I love cooking/baking. It's like I'm born to be in the kitchen.
- Exotic animal carer. I just want to hug and pat tigers and pandas and elephants. And take care of an otter at some point.
- Products tester. Companies make cool stuff and need it tested. Especially cameras. Booyeah.
- Work at Google. They have the COOLEST resources at work
- Designer. As in, interior decorating and designing, furniture designer, and graphics work too.
- Writer. Of stuff I guess.
- Translator. Yeah, I'll need to be fluent, but I'd like to be that necessary connection between two people so they can understand each other.
- Rotary Youth Exchange person. This was never on my list as a child. I don't think I even knew this existed. But after going through the training weekends and stuff, I'd really like to be involved with helping the youth who are about to leave/come into Australia. When I'm older. It's been fun to be the student and I kind of want to know what it's like on the other side.
- Children's picture book Illustrator. Aspiring to be, but never being parallel to the likes of Quentin Blake, Lauren Child, Beatrix Potter, Bob Graham and Graeme Base (who is a photographer!). Just would be awesome to bring a story to life.

That's all I can think of at this particular moment. I'm always adding to it. Yay for growth!
I hope that's given you a rough idea of who I am.

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