Friday, November 5, 2010

mein fortschritte mit Deutsch

Waaaaaahhhh es ist sehr schwer! Ich bin nicht sehr gut =/ Mein Grammatik ist schlecht. Oh well.
So yeah! I'm learning German with two of the coolest ladies I know. Monica (63?) and Ksenia (at least 92).
Every week we have tea and biscuits/apple pie or danish/tart etc. And they talk to me in German and teach me about Germany/Austria/Poland/Estonia/Russia. I am making slow but steady progress, and they say I have perfect pronunciation, which is AWESOME for me to hear.
Anyway, don't freak if I say stuff to you in German. My most used phrases (so you recognise them) are:
- Ich liebe dich
- Möchtes du zu gehen? (or something similar to it)
- Wir mussen gehen
- Ich muss gehen
- Das ist schmackhaft!

That is all.

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