Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where patience meets embarrassment.

I play piano and cello***. Yeah. It's cause I'm awesome. I love the way I can manifest emotion into physical release, which in turn becomes beautiful sound. I can express a lot, and it's super fun to just be able to play both instruments. There are few things like it. And then it gets ruined. Sitting there, playing a dandy song that's completely WOW, when... BAM! Someone (more often than not it's my father) decides to hum/sing along like they're listening to it on an iPod. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! WHY!?!?! Why do people do this?! I'm not a jukebox! I'm not an iPod! I'm not a concert pianist! I'm not able to take it!
Some people just get this idea that if I can play part of a song a little fluently, then I can play it all. But I can't! I'm captain in capable! So it's actually REALLY painful. Because then what happens is I stop to awkwardly try to locate a chord, while they keep humming. It's so embarrassing, because gee I feel bad telling them to stop singing or humming along, but it's darn painful to keep stopping and starting and having that much more attention drawn to my mistakes. *heavy sigh* I don't know. Maybe I'm just not as good as every other musician they've ever come across, and so they didn't know to lower their expectations to understand that I'm a struggler. Maybe it's a disease that I was born with that stops me from being able to play while people are watching and humming/singing along.
What about you, anonymous reader? Do you play any instruments? Can you play when others hum and sing along?
Comment and let me know ^^


***I used to play the baritone, which is like a tuba. I'm also capable of playing the kazoo, triangle, recorder, trumpet (you know, not with any skill though), and I have the ABILITY to play the French Horn, but have never learned.

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