Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pet peeves #4

More pet peeves to enjoy!
- Adults who don't stick to what they say. E.g. "I want your honest opinion/answer" *gives it honestly* "ROOOOAAARRRRR I WILL FEED YOUR BODY TO THIS PACK OF RABID WOLVES!!"
- Waiting for someone for aaaages, and then having them be cranky at you when you're half a second late once they're ready
- Dropping a sock when taking your washing to the laundry, and only discovering what has happened after the other one is halfway through being washed.
- Being hugged in such a way that my glasses squish against my face or get marks on them.
- People who think they're 'gangsta'.
- People who think 'gangstas' are cool.
- Amazing dresses that have zippers that reach that mid point somewhere around your shoulder blades, that makes it almost impossible to zip and unzip them properly.
- Those people who always, ALWAYS need the last word. Every time. Ever. Yes, ever. Mm. Definitely annoying. So very annoying. Yep, they annoy me. Gah.
- Sports fans. I don't mind people enjoying a sport, but it's just annoying when they can't handle anyone making a joke about their favourite sport/sport in general. It's just sport. And sport is silly.
- Moments when I'm AWESOME, and then a few weeks or months later, everyone is awesome for the same thing. Take fashion, for example. A few months ago, I was mad keen on 1920s hats. I just really wanted one (truth be told, I've always wanted one). And then... BAM. A few months later they were all over the magazines and I was quite angry.
- Feeling like one of those people that complains all the time for having these lists.
- School swimming.

I'm actually on a roll of thinking of stuff that drives me crazy, but I'll cut it there, because you probably don't want to just listen to all this stuff.

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