Monday, October 25, 2010

My birthday 2010

I haven't actually had my birthday yet, this is like a.. pre-birthday... thing...
Actually, putting it bluntly, this is where I give you the low-down on what I want. I'm kind enough to provide links too.
I'm about to kick off a whole new year in a whole new country with a whole new language and a whole new climate. I want to be darn prepared, as well as take advantage of my time left in Australia. First things first - party.
No. Chances are high that I wont be having a party. Exams coming up, other people's birthdays coming up, generally busy, I don't think I'll really be taking the time to have one. I don't want to stress people out by having a party the weekend before exams, and I don't really have a free weekend for a party until the 10th of December, which is over a month after my actual birthday, so that seems a lot ridiculous.
All the same, I'd like to take the time to tell you what I'd want to do for my birthday, just so I feel a bit better about having people know what I wanted, even though I probably wont have it. I don't know why but it's nice to at least talk about it.

I'm actually not that good with birthday parties. I haven't thrown a birthday party for myself at least since year 6. I just never really plan it. I come up with ideas of what would be AWESOME, and then just... don't do it. Unfortunately, I now have a million things that I'd want to do for my birthday party, and can't really do all of them. I do know one, though, and it was going to be the best. I was going to get all my friends to bring various pieces of clothing, and allow me to take as many photos of them all, however I want, for as long as I want as a forced birthday present from them to me.
I was thinking of a dinner party, and everyone just being darn epic. I would have cooked entrées, a main meal, and dessert, and would have had the best time sharing it with everyone.
I would have gone to Canberra and had a picnic in a park. I would have had a water bomb fight, only with balloons that had paint in them too. I would have had a sleepover, and made everyone pancakes for breakfast. I would have documented it on video so I could take such happy memories to Austria with me.

Well sucks to be me, cause it just wont happen. *sigh* I'm such a martyr. Haha. How funny would it be if your name was "Marty. R" Oh the jokes you could make....

Turns out, Mutti has a board meeting on Monday night too, so I don't get a nice stay-at-home-family-dinner either.
Um... yeah. So enough of my sounding like an emo who can't find their hair straightener, time to list stuff.
Mm. Stuff. I actually pride myself on not being obsessed with presents. I mean, I suck at giving presents. I'm not just 'not really good at it'. I don't think I've given any of my friends a gift all year. I just fail at gift giving! I love it, but I'm really useless at it. I think it's because I hate getting presents just for the sake of it, and thus I don't want to get presents just for the sake of it. I think the world revolves around that kind of stuff though, so I'm a lot of a disappointment. Well here are some things I've been thinking would be hella cool to get:
- Plastic glow-in-the-dark stars. You can get them almost anywhere
- Disney movies that I don't already own. Second hand is also just fantastic. A list can be found.. um... well I'll make a list for you.
- Panda themed item. My current animal love is pandas. Actually, I've loved pandas for a long time, it's just been re-sparked. So panda plushies, panda ears - you know, panda stuff.
- Oxfam gift. I probably should have put this at the top of the list. I really, REALLY want this. They're the bomb diggity!
- Kigurumi. If you're thinking 'hells yeah should Clare have one of these!' then please please PLEASE pool together with somebody else. I'd feel bad if one person spent that much on me(yellow tiger, dinosaur, fox, pikachu, panda or lesser panda)
- Studio Ghibli DVD. Let me be precise. Howl's Moving Castle, Tales of Earthsea, or Spirited Away. 
- Money. Slack, I understand, but when you're saving for steampunk and lolita clothing, it's annoying to have people hand you a book voucher so they avoid feeling slack for giving you money. Money is a good thing, it gives me the power to invest in a gift that I'm mad keen on.
- Socks. Funnily enough, I actually need and want them. Make sure they're cool socks though...
- Photos. Yes. A gift from you that I'd want, is actually just the freedom to take photos of you. I'm a baby and therefore am not man enough to ask you myself if I can take them.
- Pins/Badges. I've got a cute collection going on.
- Jewellery from a guy. Heh. I used to get it all the time. I just think it's cute to see what they think is nice. (You know, that and I'm a fan of jewellery)

I'll leave it there. You probably don't want to buy anything really, and if you do, I don't want you to drown in stuff that I want. Gah I feel so materialistic.

Um... that's all I can think of saying at the moment. Happy birthday to me, on November 1st!


  1. Clare. You have a creative talent. Interesting style ( in a good way). I hope you get lots of Oxfam least they will be somewher else and not chewing out your garden at home. JB

  2. Clare,

    I'd be happy to let you take photos of me anyday!
    Although in return for some camera lessons. I've got the photography and angle experience under hand, but the camera is just too complex.
    so when is your birthday?
    and remember the cookies!