Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Ballet!

I must have been... garn I don't even know. I was tiny when I saw my first ballet. We went up to Canberra for a birthday (I think it was Donwen's). I was sooooo excited. If I could manifest into words how excited I was, then I'd be speaking in tongues.

I had a pretty dress and new shoes for the occasion, and was looking like a doll.
We were going to see Swan Lake, I'm pretty sure. I can still remember a lot of it too. Tell you what, the girl who was supposed to be the princess but wasn't, was MEGA HOT. She was wearing this black dress and I'm pretty sure if it had been Swan Lake on ice, all the ballerinas would have drowned in the newly melted water.

Everything was just dandy and awesome. I was loving it. The pretty music, the gorgeous dresses, the fantastic choreography. Then during the intermission I tugged on mum's dress and in my cute quiet voice asked "When do they start talking?"

Or at least, that's how I'm told I said it. It was probably just normal speak for me. And that was my first ballet. I wish I had more to report on my memories.


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