Saturday, October 16, 2010

Down at the river

This one time, a few years ago, Emma G and I were down at the river. It was going to be amazing. We had this fantastic idea. It was blackberry season, you see, so of course I was mad keen to go get some. Emma isn't really that much of a fan of blackberries, but she was cool with coming anyway. Dad dropped us down at the river at 11am, and wasn't going to come pick us up until 1pm. It was hot. As in, really really hot. Probably around 32ºC. But that was ok, there was a river, and rivers are good places to cool down in :)
We got in our canoe and started paddling up the river. No blackberries just yet. They were all red, none blue/black. But that was ok. Of course it'd make sense for some of them to not be in season yet. There were plenty upriver, so everything was going to be fine. We kept paddling. Still none. We reached as far up the river as we could go, and found that all the blackberries were in fact not in season. This sucked. We hadn't taken any food, anticipating blackberries to keep us full. Turned out we had also forgotten to take water. Yes, we were at the river, but nobody who knows what goes into that river actually drinks from it. So we were melting. When we touched the water, it made us question whether it was even close to being summer at all.
Our combination was therefore this:
- 32ºC outside
- around 17ºC in the water (that's actually not accurate at all. I have no idea how cold it was, all I know is that it was really, really cold.
- No clean drinking water
- No food
- No phone reception, so we were stuck there for the next 2 hours
- Nothing to do, but canoe.

And canoe we did. Paddling along, I was at the front of the canoe and Emma was at the back. We were making really pathetic progress, and seemed to be mostly going in circles. I looked at Emma. She stopped paddling. I continued and we made a lot of very effective progress. But then I got tired.
Clare: Man. This is so tiring.
Emma: Mm.
Clare: It'd be easier if you helped me, you know.

Emma is a good friend, so she started to paddle. We started going around in circles. Tired, hot, hungry, thirsty, and exasperated me;
Clare: Ok stop! You're not helping us, at all. We're just going in circles.
Emma: MAN we suck.

I slammed my paddle down on the boat, turned and faced her, and hysterically cried: WE suck!? What do you mean WE suck!?
Emma started laughing. Then I started laughing. It was pretty funny. But then we decided to paddle back and just lie in the shade until dad came to pick us up.
This is us, about to paddle back.

It is now a very fond memory of mine.

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