Monday, October 4, 2010

The Day(s) to DYE For

Heh. See my clever pun?
So on Thursday we dyed the hair of my good friends Chris and Zak. Chris originally wanted to get his dyed green, but nowhere in my dear little town actually stocks green hair dye. So instead, he opted for red. Zak was getting his done purple. We started with Chris. Kelsey got the cool gloves on and started covering his head with this red dye.

She got a lot of it on his face and neck too. But the colour was this fantasmical reddish orange.

Then of course we progressed to doing Zak's hair. 

You can tell he's thrilled.

We let it settle, then they washed it out (a LOT of it came out) and the result was Chris looking like this...

I didn't take a photo of Zak's cause you pretty much couldn't tell he dyed it at all.

BUT! This wasn't enough for either of them! Chris had slightly red hair, but wanted it RED and Zak's was just a bit of a disappointment. So we went back again on Friday.

Chris looked excited about it. Enthusiastically anticipating having his hair red.

It was substantially different from the first dye, because not only was it going to be red, but it was going to be permanent too.

It was seriously red.

Began on Zak's while Chris waited for the dye to do it's job. Zak's was just a 28 washes thing.

That's sort of the equivalent of his before shot. ^^^^

That's the dye. Holding his hair in place. And again below.

And then we waited. 

And waited. 

And waited.

And after much waiting, Chris went and washed his hair. 

He dried his hair.

He walked into the sunshine, looking like this.

That is my hand, ruffling his 10 carat diamond hair. (I get to ruffle it whenever I like ^^)

And here are two photos of Zak's new beautiful plum coloured locks. It really brings out his eyeliner, even though you can't see it.

The red in Chris' hair has since slightly faded to a deeper reddishness, and Zak's is just deep purple.
Truth be told, I think both of them look [more] fantastic in contrast with their original hair.

And that was my adventure of last week.

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