Saturday, October 16, 2010

The day a tent collapsed on me.

When I was in about year 5.. maybe year 4 (so I would have been 9 or 10 years old), my family and I went camping. (yay camping). The weekend we chose to go camping, was as fail as it got. It was pretty darn rainy, really windy, and FREEZING. We were up in the mountains. Anyway, I remember on our last morning there (which also happened to be our second morning there. Thank goodness for it only lasting the weekend), everyone but me had arisen, left the tent, and were outside, at the table, ready for breakfast. I know this, because while the fools were freezing their tailbones off, I was curled up in my sleeping bag listening to them, and the wind which was blowing like crazy.
My view was a very different, yet basically the same version of this:
(it's the inside of the tent, by the way)
Then a particularly strong wind blew, and my view became this:

Yes. The tent collapsed on little me. Stupid wind. Well my whole family was really quite entertained at my misfortune. Meanwhile I had the extreme discomfort of not only layers of really cold fabric covering my face, but also some of the even less comfortable poles which support aforementioned fabric layers.

We haven't been camping in such freezing mountains since. Certainly not in winter again.

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