Friday, October 15, 2010

Childhood - April, 2006

Heh. I just realised that people were complaining that blogs were just online diaries, and so for some reason I decided that to not be that boring, I'd type up my diaries? Whaaaat? Anyway.

Well I'll type up the entries in a different font, and add my commentary in this font. Or maybe even change colours! ... no I don't think I'll change colours. Just font will do.

15.04.2006 Saturday,
This morning I was sooo tired and mum made me get up. We went in the car to Rainsfords to swap some jeans 4 Zeb, and mum dropped me off at Sistas 2. (I don't even remember Rainsfords, but Sistas 2 is now Squishys). It was closed so I went into ****** Studio (censored for safety reasons) and saw some lovely photos and coaster photo frames. Then we prayed 4 a safe trip up to Canberra and we went off. For the first part up to ******(c.f.s.r.), I read while mum listened 2 the radio. I started feeling sick and put my seat back. We arrived at Canberra and went to Fishwick. I also spotted a horrible store! (I was in year 6 at the time, and I think it was probably one of those adult stores. Ah I was so innocent). Mum said we had to buy a bed. I stayed on a water bed. (I actually fell asleep on it. It was incredibly comfy too. I think when I leave home, I'm going to have a water bed AND a mattress, just because they're so dandy). Next we went to Civic and had KFC 4 lunch cause it was the only decent food to buy. We walked through David Jones and Myer but couldn't find anything decent. Lastly we went to pumpkin Patch and I got a shirt and vest. We stopped on the way home to buy and ice cream. I ate a Magnum Ultra toffee nut crunch - yuuummm. We arrived in ***** again and I got changed. For dinner we had leftovers mashed together! I complained and Dad made me eat it! I went to bed sad.

Yeah, yeah that's right. SAD. I WENT TO BED SAD! It should never happen *weeps*. I like to think I was a cute and innocent kid. I think I'll re-structure my diary entries though. Maybe have footnotes, instead of included notes. And for the sake of the reader I'll even use paragraphs. Seems little 11 year old me didn't know how. I think it's funny that I thought I was so darn cool for using '4' and '2' instead of 'for' and 'to/too'. And that I only used capitals for certain words.  Ahh memories. I should draw an illustration to match this...


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