Saturday, October 16, 2010

Childhood - April, 2006 #3

My life was actually really boring when I was in year 6. But I found this one (and it's the last one that's entertaining from 2006), and I think I'm a champion.

28.5.06 Friday
Woke up at 9:45am went downstairs and had breakfast. Played a lot of Neopets(1). Went back downstairs. Hannah was watching Barbie Princess and the Pauper. Ate a ham and cheese toasted melt for lunch then ate a cookie.
The Tugwell children came over and I attacked Noah with a blue pen. Then attempted it with a permanent marker but he ran away(2). The next time I saw him, he was on my ball. I told him 2 get off but he wouldn't(3). I pushed him off and he pegged a tennis ball at me. He missed. So then I got 2 of his good pokémon cards and threatened to rip them up(4). Mum intervened. 
I went to my room and read. After a while I slept. Mum came in and said I had to do some vacuuming. I got a headache and went to bed instead. Mr. and Mrs. Tugwell came with pizza 4 dinner. Had 3 pieces of ham and pineapple. Went to bed.

1. Oh come on. As if you weren't playing it when you were 11. 
2. I feel like 11 year old me was surprised at this response. Wouldn't it make sense for him to patiently stand still as I defiled his face with ink?
3. All I can really say is when I first read this, I just knew things were about to get messy. 
4. HUZZAH! I'm the smartest kid alive! I targeted his pokémon cards! As if that's not the best idea I ever had in my younger childhood.

When I read that, it was really funny, but after typing it up and re-reading it, it's not that funny at all.


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