Friday, October 15, 2010

Childhood - April, 2006 #2

Yay. More diary entries ^^ I'm going to try the footnote idea this time. I'm too cool. No truly, I am.

16.4.06 Easter Sunday
I was sooo tired this morning(1). I said HAPPY(2) Easter to everyone and had a cup of tea. We read the easter story and had an easter egg hunt. We went to church and sang some nice songs. I met Emma and Amy after the sermon and Emma and I had a shoe throwing competition(3).
We went into town and visited the markets and saw many wonderful things(4). We went home and Zeb had Tim Wiles over. 4 half an hour we picked up rocks(5). We had dinner and set up the fire. We played Cluedo which I didn't win(6), and went to bed. 

1. I'm starting to suspect me being tired was a pattern that I kept up since then. Isn't it nice though, to have me document how I felt when I woke up. I should have known that 4 years on, that's exactly what I'd want to know.
2. Yes, I had 'happy' completely capitalised. I make no sense to myself. Maybe it was code. Maybe I was stupid.
3. Shoe throwing competition? Yes. Yes I was slightly cool when I was 11.
4. I sound so... old fashioned. Like a kid from a poorly written play. I envision myself saying it in the same way as you'd say 'Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!'
5. Yep. Rocks. My parents wanted to have no rocks up the driveway so they could mow it and plant trees and stuff. We did that a billion times throughout the course of the year, and it was one of the biggest wasters of my time. *sigh*.
6. Losing Cludeo is something you had to know about. I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up in my skills. I'm really not that good at Cludeo.


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