Friday, October 15, 2010

Change of topic...

I've been doing a bit of reading around on the internet lately, and I found this place that was talking about blogs, and basically everyone was just saying that blogs are stupid because it's just an online diary for people to whine about their lives when nobody really cares or wants to know. And other stuff like that. Then I realised:
Oh my... that's what I do!!!

Then I thought:
I must not do this!!

Which led me to decide to make my blog even slightly more exciting. I am going to try to do this by typing up diary entries from when I was younger, adding my mediocre commentary on them, and maybe including more pictures and stuff, so you're not just reading text. After all, nobody really likes reading that much. Admit it, even you were a bit upset when you opened Harry Potter and there were no illustrations.


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