Friday, September 24, 2010

Words My Mother Says That I Always Wish She Wouldn't.

Naturally, as my mother, there are things she's going to say that I'm going to wish she wouldn't. Like 'Clean your room', 'Hang the clothes out', 'I'm not buying that for you'... the list goes on. But there is one phrase that she's been saying more and more often that I really really really wish she wouldn't. Here it comes...

"I used to have something just like that!"

Yeah. No kidding. She says it more times than any human could count. Almost every time I show her something online that I want (and quite often in shops too) she looks at it and says those 8 traumatising words. Shoes, dresses, hats, scarves, bags, jackets, skirts.. a JUMPSUIT. Pretty much everything she has once owned, and for some unbelievable reason, has disposed of. I'm starting to think she hates me. *sniffle* so I've recently banned her from getting rid of clothes without me giving her the A-OK first. As I'm typing this I have just realised she was giving away a bag of stuff today. That just made things a little more heartbreaking.

And here is a random photo of a dress that weighed at least 7 kilos and costs around $380. No doubt she owned one of these too, and just gave it to the Salvos because she didn't wear it for a year or two.


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