Monday, September 13, 2010

Fist fight. First fight.

So yesterday I saw my first ever real fist fight. I really cannot think of a time when I've seen one other than then. I mean sure people fight in movies, but it's always over something important like a girl's honour or the safety of mankind. And in the movies, it's all choreographed so it feels less real, and they often use camera angles so we don't just see it directly - if that makes sense. Then of course there are school fights, but the guys at my school are absolute babies, so either they stop before they even start, or they simply wrestle it out.
I was at Zeb's grand final U18's rugby game. I don't even know how the fight broke out. All I think I saw was someone score a try, but then it turned into stacks on, then some sort of scrum, which slowly worked its way off the sideline and turned into a fight.
I was like 'WHOA!' Someone was on the ground and had a guy on top of him trying to punch his face in, but then another guy was punching the guy who was on top of the first guy. He wasn't just doing the occasional swing. This guy was fist pumping his face. All the boys were yelling all over the place, nobody really knows exactly what. EVERYONE in the stands were watching with epic curiosity. And I was sitting there with my camera, trying desperately to get a decent photo of it to preserve the memory forever.
People always talk about how mortifying it is to think of the whole Colosseum idea, and it is. It's disgusting to think of that as entertainment. But deep down, watching that fight, a tiny part of me was a little bit excited. I have to admit, it did count as some entertainment for me. I think it comes down to some sort of lost 'primal instinct' that we've actually developed through the centuries of violent behavioural patterns, and convinced ourselves is a tie to evolution.
Well it was indeed broken up. Number  7 got sent off and everyone applauded that decision. Chances are that I wont see another fist fight for a while, but that's ok. I feel like a slightly more 'exposed to society' sort of person as a result and don't feel the need to see another one any time soon.

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