Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Powered by steam

Oh. My. Goodness. Don't scream. Don't scream. I know, I too, wanted to scream. But don't. Ok now think of a piece of clothing you've bought. This has to be something you love(d). As in, really love(d). As in, your house is burning down and your parents tell you to just escape with the clothes you're wearing, and you change into this because you love it so much. Feel that materialistic love for that piece of clothing. Now imagine instead of it being just that one piece of clothing, you have a whole shop of it. That's pretty much me in Gallery Serpentine. I'm told I was whimpering like a puppy the entire time. Anyway, if you've ever talked to me about clothing fashions and stuff, you've probably heard me use the word "steampunk". Ladies and gentlemen, this shop was my steampunk heaven. Corsetry, victoriana, gothic and gothic lolita stuff and of course, my beloved steampunk. I was lucky enough to actually be allowed to wear some of the stuff, so here is me. I was making the excited face, but my face just looks awful, so I have cropped them so you can appreciate the clothes without the horror of meh face.
I know. The corset is slightly wonky. I blame the lady who laced me up. Other than that, it's beautiful, no?
Buy it for me.

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