Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pet Peeves #3

I'm probably coming across as somewhat of a grumblebee, but grr anyway.
- Rebels without a cause/people who can't take consequences. They often go hand in hand. I just hate it when people do the whole "I'm going to be rude or disrespectful or break the rules/law for no particular reason" thing, but then are like "No! I didn't do it! Don't get angry at me!" or then turn around and refuse to take the consequences. I have much more respect for people who at least go "yeah I did it, and I'll take that punishment/consequence too".
- Breaking your roll on deodorant. I used to get those Dove solid bar deodorants, but then they kept breaking. It was beyond annoying. So then I got the Dove roll on cream stuff, cause I was like "hey, maybe this will work" and I was curious as to what was under the random thingy and ended up breaking it. I mean, I can still use it, but not properly. Stupid Dove.
- Homework.
- Realising that I've listed a pet peeve twice, and feeling like an idiot.
- Photography competitions for people over the age of 18 only.
- Myspace style photos. No really, they're just annoying. The whole "cross-process + text like 'bff'" thing. Or the 'deeply looking into the distance sepia/b&w + lyrics/quote' photo. Oh ma goodniss! Drop a fridge on the perpetrators!
- Thinking you've fixed something, then watching it fall apart.
- People who pressure others into drinking for the sake of 'fitting in'
- English dubbed anime and those who refuse to watch the subbed stuff
- Racism
I'll list more later.

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