Friday, August 20, 2010

21 days of death...

Actually it's 21 days of eating healthy food. How dandy. So I was in Typo (or it could have been Kikki.K) and they had this cutesy little notebook (here) on changing a habit. Apparently it takes 21 days to break/change a habit. So I was like "Hey! I've eaten nothing but unhealthy stuffs over the last 3 months. That's a bit of a habit, maybe I should change it!" and did the stupid thing, deciding to start on Monday 16th.
Day 1 was pretty difficult, just because I was realising all the foods that I normally would have eaten that I couldn't.
Day 2 was probably the hardest day so far. It was the opening of a building and they were serving lots of brownies and slice and cookies and stuff. My brother - momentarily forgetting my decision to break the habit - offered me a chocolate bar. I kind of just wanted to cry. But I made it! I didn't eat any of it and I was fine.
Day 3 There was a lot less to tempt me. Mum DID decide to make a sticky date pudding though. Thanks, Mum ><
Day 4 I managed wonderfully! Hell yeah of a breakfast (considering I don't normally eat breakfast it was pretty wow). Nuts as a brunchy snack, an AWESOME salad for lunch, and a banana that made me sad. Smoothie for arvo tea, as well as an orange and rockmelon and cherries and strawberries... ah so good. Really day 4 was the best yet. I'm hoping like crazy that this'll all become natural and that I'll be captain incredible at the end of it.
I'm up to Day 5 (obviously) and so I'm almost a third of the way through it. Which is fantastic to know.

That's really all I had to say...

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