Thursday, June 17, 2010

So for this NOT Black Dog Institute thing...

I'm angry and yet happy at the same time. Why am I angry? Well I'm answering that question, even if you're not interested in knowing why. I'm angry, cause I'm lazy and I fail at accomplishing stuff. I was really excited about this Black Dog Institute photography competition thing. No joke, I had the excited face for 35 minutes, and danced like no-one was watching. Thankfully, no-one WAS watching, as I would have nearly died of embarrassment. But I'm slack, and disorganised. Yeah I know I had actually no hope of even coming close to nearly coming close to winning, but I was excited anyway. And so I am now sad that the day the competition closes, is in fact tomorrow (Friday) and I haven't yet taken the photo. Or really come close to it. So I be angry at that.
Happy, is because I'm actually kind of really proud of myself for coming up with the idea for the photo anyway. I'm not going to win anything for taking it (because I WILL take it), but there's almost nothing cooler for me than feeling creative...ish. I guess it was really unoriginal huh. So scratch the creative thing. There was nothing creative about it at all. But it was cool to have something that I really really really really wanted in photo form, and I'm looking forward to when it finally is.


  1. So did you end up getting the photo??

  2. Um... no. I said I didn't. I don't have the time to take it just yet.