Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Peeves #1

So I was thinking earlier today about how easily I get annoyed. It's something I should fix, I know. But all the same, here is a list of stuff that has been getting to me lately (and most of the time actually)
- Fake laughing
- People who argue with insults against their opponent, as opposed to attacking what they're saying
- People who do something and then aren't man enough to take the consequences
- Playing piano and having someone sing/hum/play along.
- Being interrupted before I make my point
- Seafood
- Certain people of a certain age who have certain habits of yelling at certain kids for no particular reason
- The way some people have mood swings
- The Facebook 'like' pages
- Facebook groups
- Facebook fan pages
- Vaguebookers. No seriously, Facebook is about face-value networking. It's beyond annoying when people post status updates with underlying messages. I should write a whole blog about this...
- Unhealthy food. Why does it taste so good!?
- People who tell you or pretend to know what your spiritual life is like
- American spelling of words such as criticise and colour.
Well that will do for now. I'm tired and I have school tomorrow *whimpers*

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