Monday, May 17, 2010

RYPEN District 9710, May 2010!

Sooo I guess I should probably say something about RYPEN so you don't have to put up with me talking about it HEAPS. Just moderately. So RYPEN stands for Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. They didn't have any other words so I'm assuming they got the n from enrichment. So it'd be:
P.rogram of
If that makes sense.
Well we rocked up while everyone was having lunch which was a little awkward. Were assigned our cabins and given our shirts and stuff. So I rocked away and rocked back for the ice-breaker session.
So we were organised into our various colour groups. I happened to be in team yellow (so we all got yellow shirts. HUZZAH) and they had one of those 'write stuff on cards about the other person' things. Then we had to (still in our teams) play that balloon-between-knees-get-it-down-the-line sort of games, which was not really something I was accustomed to. Then again, I don't know anyone who habitually passes balloons to other people with their knees. The next game was so bizarre. It consisted of us standing in a line while the first person has a teaspoon with string attached (as in, a whole roll of string) and they had to pass the string up through their left sleeve, down their shirt, down their right pant leg, and on to the next person who would repeat it. So eventually we were all attached to each other with this long length of string running down our clothes. But then we had to take the teaspoon off the end, and attach a CD which then had to travel back the same way. We won, for we were cool.

Next was afternoon tea I think, then a sex/drugs/alcohol talk thingy.
Dinner was chicken schnitzel and vegetables. Woo! We had to sit in our colour groups to fill out some trivia thingo. Who knew Obama was born in Hawaii?
After dinner was a bush dance. Yep. Dancing. *head+wall* It was actually a lot of fun though, helped with the interaction thing. There were a few problems with the oxygen levels though. A room of sweaty teenagers with no ventilation gets a little uncomfortable. But whatever. It was hella awesome. Gee I love the Grand Old Duke of York. I've actually been wondering what point the 'when they were up they were up' 'when they were down they were down' part of the song actually served. I mean, I naturally assumed that if they were up that they'd be up and if they were down that they'd be down. I guess some people just don't make sense.
Had shower, went to bed and had a noice chat with the girls of my cabin, who happened to be Sahara, Jess, Cracker, Kate, Abby, Alishia and Kaysan. And so ended day #1.

Day #2 started with awakening at 6am, then sleeping until 6:45, then getting ready for the day. We had aerobics as our morning exercise, so half the colours went for a walk while we got to do some sort of exercise based dancingness with an instructor who was wearing short shorts. Yeah, short shorts aren't so bad normally, but there's a bit of mental scarring that takes place when they're being worn by a 23 year old guy. Aaron was cool anyway =)
Consumed breakfast. Attended the first seminar of the day. What it was escapes my memory. I'm sure it was fine. Morning tea. Seminar 2. Or 3. We might have had 2 before morning tea...
Consumed lunch. Another seminar? Afternoon tea. I think tug-of-war and photos took place somewhere before then...
Initiative games. We had to get into our team colours and complete a collection of activities. We won the word thingo and I'm pretty sure we won everything else (maybe excepting that walk-on-the-plank thing) but they had to administer prizes to all teams, cause they're softies. We did win the volleyball tournament too (I happened to not be involved. I was actually in my room listening to my ipod at the time). Then there were more seminars and I THINK free time. We all got dressed for the formal dinner and dutifully attended. There was roast chicken. Dessert was apple crumble and ice cream. It was enjoyable. After dinner we had a lady talk to us about MS. After the lady talked to us about MS we went out to the bonfire and had a guy called Rob (I think) talk to us about Aboriginal stuff (for he was Aboriginal), which was most entertaining.
Showered and went to bed. So ended the second day.

Day #3 began with another early rise, only this time we were on the bushwalk instead of aerobics. Consumed tea at breakfast. Attended seminar. Consumed more tea and a cookie at morning tea. Second part of the seminar. Different seminar. Lunch. Departure.

So it sounds kind of meh but it was actually a lot of fun. They covered some pretty good stuff in some of the seminars. A bit of their information was a little off, but all up it was quite good. There's a lot of stuff I left out cause I'm too lazy to write it. They also had this '3 minutes of fame' thing where they called out your number (we were each numbered) and you had to stand out the front and talk about yourself for 3 minutes. Most people talked for just under 1 minute, and I didn't talk at all :) It was entertaining all the same.
I slept poorly and I ache muchly.
However the people were so darn absolutely awesome I really couldn't care less. Couldn't be bothered to list their names either. Pretty much everyone who was there.

Really when I look at it, I haven't actually said anything that I would have said in conversation, so you can all look forward to me talking just as much as I would have had I not written this. HUZZAH!

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